Preparing for arrival

This page provides information on practices necessary for entering and starting your stay in Finland. Please note that some immigration processes must be started well in advance, up to 6 months prior to coming to Finland.
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Hosting Agreement

Aalto University Hosting Agreement is sent to incoming non-EU staff/faculty members before their arrival by the receiving HR unit. The agreement defines the receiving unit, the inviter and the job description, salary and the working period of the invited person, hence it can be attached to permit/visa applications in place of employment contract.

The Hosting Agreement helps the incoming person to apply the necessary immigration permits (such as visa or residence permit) in the country of residence before the actual work contract has been signed.

Those coming to do research in Aalto with a grant can be invited with the same Hosting Agreement.

Personal Identity Code

Your personal identity code is a priority when coming. It is used for identification purposes for example in banks, hospitals and registers of different authorities.

Apply for the personal identity code from the Digital and Population Data services agency (former Registry office),  International House Helsinki service point in Helsinki, or in the first residence permit application.

Family members and Apostille

In Finnish legislation, the definition of a family member may be narrower than elsewhere. The requirements for the family members’ immigration usually depend on the main applicant’s nationality. Check the requirements for the immigration permits at the Finnish Immigration Service.

Apostille legalized documents, such as marriage certificate and birth certificates for children, are required for the residence permit application.

Arrival Checklists

Immigration formalities and registration in Finland varies between persons immigrating from the Nordic countries, EE/EEA countries and Non-EU countries. Check the necessary registration formalities in the checklists

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