Make Väre Ours 2019: mover's checklist

Follow the shared calendar titled Väre-ARTS, as this is the fastest way to check the confirmed move-related dates.

During the summer 2019 part of Aalto ARTS personnel will move into new the team rooms as Make Väre Ours project proceeds.

We kindly ask everyone not to work in Väre during July 29—August 2, 2019 (29.7.—2.8.2019) due to the most intensive moving week.

Who moves and where?

  • Please ask your team leader, he/she can tell who moves and where
  • If you move, please continue reading this checklist

Moving boxes

  • Delivery of the moving boxes begins on June 11, 2019
  • You can get the boxes at Väre working cafe on the third floor
  • You can also order the boxes to your team room from ACRE's  [email protected]
  • Everyone packs and empties his/her own belongings and items
  • Every box must have a label with the name of the owner and the new team room number
  • Please note that your team leader will order the secure moving boxes with a lid for the entire team
  • You can get the address stickers from Väre info service desk
  • Moving boxes must be returned by 23 August 2019

Packing instructions

  • Only pack the items and materials you will use at your new team room.
  • All cupboards, cabinets and shelves must be emptied.
  • Leave the both keys of the cabinet on the lock (remember the spare key too)
  • Label only your ergonomic chair for the move (standard office chairs won't be moved).

Cut down and eliminate

  • Archive. One archive piece is enough, so any extras should be thrown away.
  • Destroy confidential materials in an appropriate manner.
  • Destroy as much of the materials you have accumulated over the academic year as possible, but remember confidentiality and data protection!
  • It is recommended for health-related reasons that paper items that have at some time been wet or damp and have been dried are not moved to the new location. The risk of mold is too great.
  • The work point must be empty after 19 July 2019

Backup and save

  • Please ensure that ARTS treasures, such as items, art, and unique pieces, etc. inherited from Ateneum are saved.
  • If you suspect that any items in your team room are of historical significance or unique pieces, please contact Outi Turpeinen.

Computer and other IT devices

The last check

  • Leave the boxes you have packed to wait for moving by 19 July 2019
  • Take one more look at the team room: Are you sure you haven’t forgotten anything?

Furniture transfers and delivery of the moving boxes

  • Furniture transfers 24.6. - 2.8.2019
  • Packed moving boxes to new team rooms on 29 July 2019

In your new team room

  • Empty your moving boxes immediately and pile the empty boxes on top of one another outside your new team room for pick up

The schedule for the move

Follow the shared calendar titled Väre-ARTS, as this is the fastest way to check the confirmed move-related dates.

  • You can view the calendar in the Windows Outlook calendar view (select “calendar”) in Open Calendar – Open Shared Calendar.
  • You can also use the calendar in your internet browser in OWA ( Share – Add Calendar selecting the path Calendar from your organization.
  • Shared calendars do not work well in the Mac version of Outlook and, thus, it is best to use OWA.

Both options can be found in the top bar of each application.

This shared calendar Väre-ARTS is completely separate and won't alter or mix up the user’s personal calendar.

The zoning plan

You can take a look at the Väre zoning plan attached below.

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture

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