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These are the 2 tasks for the IT  Integration Services:

  1. Keep Data Flowing, and
  2. IT Service Provider/Digitalization Driver/Digital Aalto Data Implementer

Features / Benefits of Integration Service

  • Documentation. Integrations are documented centrally by the integration team.

  • Integration specific logging. If desired, it is easy to log all events and data transferred per integration.

  • Centralized management. All configuration is in one place.

  • Loose coupling, the integration parties do not need to know anything about each other. Implementing integration with loose coupling enables flexible control of integration changes.

  • Fault tolerance. If the target system is down due to, for example, a service outage, the transfers are performed as long as the system is upright again. 

  • Standard configuration. No more perl / shell / python / ruby / php scripts scattered around, but translations are described in the standard language designed for it.

  • Reliability. The service is backed up and run in a VMware virtual environment. The service configurations are in the version control. (Duplication of service planned)

  • Experience / expertise. Integration design / implementation is centered on specific individuals, so they are likely to learn more with each implementation and make better decisions in the future.

  • Testing. The integration service has a test environment equivalent to production.

  • Integration monitoring. For example, alarms for errors or notification of successful transfer. (in the works)

This service is provided by:

IT Services

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