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The ITS Integration Solution is responsible for developing of application integrations between Aalto University’s core systems, external partners and open API’s playing an important part in ensuring the operational capabilities of our solutions.
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These are the 2 tasks for the IT Integration Services:

  1. Keep Data Flowing, and
  2. IT Service Provider/Digitalization Driver/Digital Aalto Data Implementer

Features / Benefits of Integration Service

  • Documentation. Integrations are documented centrally by the integration team.

  • Integration specific logging. If desired, it is easy to log all events and data transferred per integration.

  • Centralized management. All configuration is in one place.

  • Loose coupling, the integration parties do not need to know anything about each other. Implementing integration with loose coupling enables flexible control of integration changes.

  • Fault tolerance. If the target system is down due to, for example, a service outage, the transfers are performed as long as the system is upright again. 

  • Standard configuration. No more perl / shell / python / ruby / php scripts scattered around, but translations are described in the standard language designed for it.

  • Reliability. The service is backed up and run in a VMware virtual environment. The service configurations are in the version control. (Duplication of service planned)

  • Experience / expertise. Integration design / implementation is centered on specific individuals, so they are likely to learn more with each implementation and make better decisions in the future.

  • Testing. The integration service has a test environment equivalent to production.

  • Integration monitoring. For example, alarms for errors or notification of successful transfer. (in the works)

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You can find up-to-date news, contact information, chat and instructions of frequently used IT services at IT-help hub: accounts, passwords, email, MFA, vpn, printing, teams, zoom, VDI and guidelines how to procure workstations and phones.

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IT Service Desk contact information and service hours

Contact IT End User Support for help or information on Aalto University IT.

a contact point to the users of the Aalto University IT who are in need of help and information. You can visit the service desk during opening hours or ask for help by email, telephone or chat.

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