Instructions for the Salesforce personal data form for fee receivers and guests

Aalto University uses Salesforce system to process non-recurring fee payments. The same system is also used to collect information about travel expenses of the university's guests and the reimbursement of the expenses. On this page you will find instructions on how to fill out the electronic personal data form. The collected personal information is used only for the purpose of paying the fee payment and/or reimbursing the travel expenses.

Aalto University is currently using Salesforce to process both fee payments and travel expenses for the university's guests. The electronic form also increases data security when collecting the fee receiver's/guest's personal information.

Aalto University only asks you to fill the personal data form, if you are not an employee at Aalto, but..

  1. you have agreed on some kind of work task/performance with the university, for which Aalto has promised to compensate you. In addition to a specific task/performance, the compensation could also be paid for example for a patent/ an invention or it could be compensation for the use of a written work or an art work.
  2. you have been invited to visit Aalto University and Aalto has promised to reimburse you certain expenses, that resulted from the visist.

The fee payments and travel expense reimbursements are always processed only after the work task/performance is done or when the visit to Aalto University has ended. The process may take some time, therefore, in some cases you may receive the request to fill your personal information only after several weeks. All fee payments and travel expense reimbursements are, however, handled appropriately by the university's HR and Travel services.

Instructions for the Salesforce form

The link to the personal data form is always sent from this address: [email protected].The message header is the following: Personal information request from Aalto University for payment or guest reimbursement / Henkilötietopyyntö Aalto-yliopistolta palkkion tai matkakulujen maksamiseksi. 

Please note that you cannot reply to this address. If you have any questions concerning the data form, please contact [email protected].

After you have received the email requesting you to fill your personal information, please do so as soon as possible. Please note that you have 30 days to fill the personal data and to submit the form. After this the link to the form will expire and you will no longer be able to access the data form.

Please find the detailed instructions in PDF-format below.

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At the moment, unfortunately, we are forced to ask you to fill your personal information for every fee payment, even if you have already submitted them before. We are working hard to develop a more user-friendly solution for this. We thank you for your patience regarding this inconvenience!

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