Expert services on information security and data protection

Aalto IT’s information security team provides advice and expert assistance to Aalto University staff members, working groups and units on questions concerning information security and data protection.

Technical questions on the secure implementation or installation of information systems, for instance, can be submitted to IT Service Desk:

Questions, suggestions on matters for communication or training events, and requests for lectures can be submitted to the address 

[email protected] 


  • Information security experts can share their knowledge in the form of training events, for example

The information security team communicates topical matters related to information security and provides training on information security to the university community, as necessary. Team members are also available for giving lectures on information security at events arranged by other parties. Members of the information security team answer questions either by themselves or in cooperation with other experts. Questions can relate to, for example,

  • legislation concerning information security and its interpretation at the University
  • the University’s IT and information security policies and other guidelines, and their interpretation
  • security classification of information
  • security contracts related to acquisitions
  • preparation of descriptions of personal data files.

Members of the information security team act as experts on data security in different working groups and, whenever necessary, provide statements, reports and comments concerning information security. The information security team communicates topical matters concerning data security to designated information security officers and administrators at the various units of Aalto University. Mailing lists are maintained on such target groups that can also be used for mutual exchange of information between the groups.

Whenever necessary, such as in the event of serious information security incidents or in especially misleading phishing cases, the information security team also reports on the situation through Aalto’s various communication channels.

The information security team is available for advice on information security at training and briefing events arranged for different target groups. One example of these is a training event on security cards for staff members. The information security team also organises its own briefing and training events on topical subjects, as needed.


This expert assistance applies to Aalto University’s staff members, working groups and units.

Information security team’s contact details: [email protected] 

If you have any questions about phone services, contact [email protected] 

If you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:

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