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Enterprise Architecture (EA) in Aalto refers to the alignment of business, processes, information, and systems in a manner that helps the university achieve its strategic objective. Interoperability is strongly focused on information systems, which require broader description that combine processes, information flows , and other digital environments. Reference architectures enable the visualization and validation of service and system interoperability in the current and ever-changin environment.

If you are planning or acquiring a digital solution, developing processes, or creating a service roadmap, our architects are here to assist you!

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The enterprise architecture covers e.g. the following areas:

  • Compiling an overall view of the university using available information
  • Refining ideas and development proposals
  • Understanding and visualizing the current state and target state of development areas
  • Modeling the impact of change
  • Supporting stakeholders in promoting change

How can we help you?

A comprehensive architectural review is needed, especially in the development of Aalto University's IT infrastructure, services and processes, and in related projects. 

Examples of customer needs:

  1. Digitalisation planning (for example digitazing a service process)
  2. Ideation of services (for example the logical description of a solution)
  3. Procurement of services and specification of requirements (for example provinding architecture principles and checklists)
  4. Service development (for example support in roadmapping and evaluating options)
  5. Support and consultation for planning (for example support in fulfilling the portfolio requirements)

Contact us: it-architecture(at)

Enterprise Architecture entities

HERM - Higher Education Reference Model

A capability model made for the use of higher education institutions, which describes what universities do. With the help of the model, it is possible to link, for example, goals, roadmaps, projects and applications to each other.

HERM model

Digital Aalto Roadmap

This page provides an introduction to Aalto University's digitalization roadmap and a link to the roadmap itself. The roadmap describes the development initiatives that arise from the universitys' strategy and have a connection to digitalization.

Welcome to Roadmapping

Architecture approval

A description of what architectural approval is, at which stage of the project it must be applied for and what material is needed for it.

Enterprise Architecture Principles

Principles are statements of direction that govern selection and implementation related to operations and systems.

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