Enterprise Architecture Principles

Principles are statements of direction that govern selection and implementation related to operations and systems. Enterprise Architecture (EA) principles are used to translate selected alternatives into basic ideas, standards, and guideline for simplifying and organizing the construction, operation, and evolution of the university systems.

Overview of Enterprise Architecture Principles

The Aalto University recognizes the value of information as an asset and strives to manage it accordingly. To achieve this, the university has established core principles for enterprise architecture (EA) and solution architecture (SA) that guide the development and use of IT applications, services, and systems.

The core EA principles include common use applications, basic functionality through a web-browser, modular design, use of open standards, and accessibility and security of information. The general principles emphasize ease-of-use, interoperability, solution continuity assurance, requirements-based change, and information as an asset.

The solution architecture principles focus on developing solutions that align with the university's information structures and processes, prioritize information security from the outset, prioritize location-independent IT systems interoperability, plan for integration, and emphasize reusable, shared services.

In addition, Aalto IT services are provided location independently, do not require special IT knowledge, and are transparently managed separately from service usage. Service users are informed about services and associated conditions and buy-before-in-house-development is emphasized.

To achieve these objectives, all IT applications, services, and systems developed or procured by Aalto University must conform to these EA and SA principles. Exceptions to these principles must be evaluated and justified based on the university's specific needs.

This policy aims to promote transparency, ease-of-use, interoperability, security, and sustainability of Aalto University's IT infrastructure, applications, and services, while enabling the efficient delivery of services to the university community. 

Primary Principles

General Principles

Information Principles

Application Principles

Technology Principles

Service Provision Principles

Solutions Architecture Principles

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