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The Aalto University core network provides an internet connection and connects the local networks and services of the university’s campuses to one another.

Core network-related basic service requests (such as changes or openings to the firewall) can be made here:


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Aalto IT is responsible for the maintenance and development of the core network.

The infrastructure of the core network includes the network’s active components and cabling. Active components include routers and firewalls. The core network primarily uses optical connections of a speed of 1 Gbit/s – 100 Gbit/s.

The Aalto University core network is therefore constructed so that the Töölö, Mikkeli, Lahti, Pori and Vaasa campuses are all connected to the Otaniemi campus by two different optical connections that take different routes. The speed of all connections is 10 Gbit/s, except in Pori and Mikkeli where the speed of the connections is 1 Gbit/s.

The Internet connections on all Aalto campuses go via Otaniemi. The connection is duplicated so that if the main connection is broken, then the backup connection is automatically used. The main and backup connections also terminate in different devices in order to increase fault tolerance. If the main connection is broken, then the backup connection is automatically used.

Using Valopolku technology, campuses can be provided with separate accounts on the Funet network for research work or other projects that require massive data transfer capacities. These are known as XWDM light paths. The light paths can be acquired for temporary or permanent use. The service is provided in collaboration with the Funet organisation. The party ordering the connection covers all expenses. The expenses comprise the basic fee for the light path, the acquisition of any necessary equipment as well as rental of the optical fibre between the Funet access point and light path terminal.

The charges and delivery times for individual light paths depend on the availability and price of the optical fibre between the light path terminal and the Funet access point, as well as the available free capacity on the Funet DWDM network. Orders for individual light paths should be submitted as early as possible so that the light path can be delivered on time. In order for Funet to be able to provide a suitable capacity, the light paths may cross international boundaries.

If necessary, Aalto IT may also provide units with optical fibre infrastructure owned by Aalto University (mostly based around the Otaniemi campus). If the existing optical fibre infrastructure is not enough for the unit’s requirements, then more fibre can be installed as necessary.


Traffic on the core network is filtered between the networks and at the external border by a modern firewall solution.

Traffic from the Aalto University network to the Internet is not generally filtered, but incoming traffic from the Internet is authorized only in the following networks and services:

  • Servers used for remote services
  • All services conducted via VPN connection in order to enable the remote access
  • Particular networks that are considered to be part of the Internet (incl. research networks that offer services to the Internet).


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