Collecting a SIM card from the pick-up locker

On this page you can find instructions for collecting a SIM card from the pick-up locker. The pick-up locker is in test use at the moment.

A user may need a new SIM card for different reasons:
- They have a new subscription and need a SIM card for it.
- Their new mobile phone requires a different size SIM card than the old phone.
- Their existing SIM card breaks.
- They have lost their phone and need to reactivate their mobile subscription.
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The location of the pick-up locker

The pick-up locker can be found in the Undergraduate Centre (Otakaari 1) between the Y and U corridors. The locker is on the same corridor as the soft drink vending machine, in Y wing. The pick-up locker is on the corridor after the restrooms. 

Map for locating the pick-up locker for SIM cards. Red dot marks the place for the locker on the corridor starting in front of Y199

Instructions for collecting the SIM card from the pick-up locker 

SIM cards are available in locker 1 of the pick-up locker. The SIM cards have not yet been activated. The same locker includes instructions for activating the SIM card. 

You need an access code to open the locker. You will receive the code via email to your Aalto University email address. Please ask for the access code from IT Service Desk.

You can find the instructions for opening the locker on the side of the pick-up locker. Wake up the lock by pressing the power button. Give the access code and press the key button.

If you take the last SIM card out of the locker, please inform IT Service Desk. We will add more SIM cards to the locker.

In addition to self-service, you can also collect your SIM card from IT Service Desk within our opening hours.

IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk contact information and service hours

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