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Chat with is a conversational chatbot that replies to questions about Aalto University as long as the content is available on

Chat with is an extension of the Aalto AI assistant that has been built to help find answers and content on through a conversational interface. In simple terms, it is chatGPT but can only reply based on content (excluding attachments) and will always provide a reference source for the answer. It can be found on at the For Personnel Hub.

As matter of fact, it is a time-saving solution that helps users to quickly find an answer to practical questions relating to working or studying at Aalto such as "How can I get a new computer?" or "How can I get help with funding for my research project". Instead of navigating the content or searching for the answer across several pages, the aim is to save your time but just answering the question that you have.

Note you might not get the full answer or the full scope of information relating to your question but it should at least provide a good starting point for your needs.

How does it work?

In short, chat with is chatGPT but only answers based on content in the main site excluding attachment files. If you pose a question and the contents required to answer the question are located on one ore more pages on the site, the chatbot will answer and provide reference links to where the full content can be found. In order to get the best results, it is recommended to make the question as concise and precise as possible.

Chat with component with red line around the feedback link below text field.
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How can I give feedback and help improve the service?

Improving the quality of the answers requires both content improvements as well as technical improvements. In order to find ways to improve it, we need your help. By submitting feedback you will not only help us improve the chatbot but also improve the content on 

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