Cabling enables a wired network connection. Aalto IT orders general Ethernet cabling for the local area network and connection cables from an outside supplier. However, Aalto recommends using the wireless network.


Where is cabling ordered from?

The customer submits a service request via the IT Service desk:

Who pays for it?

IT pays for cabling repairs and any necessary additional cabling. Cabling for removals, renovations and new buildings is paid from budgets reserved for it.

Who installs it?

Aalto IT orders the service from an outside supplier.

Who connects the hotspots?

Aalto IT

Where are can I find connection cables?

IT Service desk

The customer sends a service request via the IT Service desk, and then the customer is asked for further information about the need and assisted with the specification of technical features. The service request is transmitted to the outside supplier who performs the cabling with the customer’s assistance.


Aalto IT does not perform cabling and instead orders it from an outside supplier.


Support If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:

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