Booking of spaces and objects

Booking system is used for reserving spaces and objects for teaching, research and support activities. The system can be accessed through

Here you can book spaces and objects for teaching, research and support activities.

Find and book a space

Other booking systems:

E-mail & calendar

All those with an Aalto ID are entitled to use e-mail and calendar. You can use Aalto cloud e-mail and calendar also with webmail.

outloog-logo (external link)

Aalto Research & Teaching Infrastructure booking system

Aalto Takeout (external link)

Create a project, find interesting resources, then reserve them by selecting dates from their calendars.



  • Search first-approach – find the most suitable space for your need
  • Space categorizations and Building lists
  • Ability to browse space calendars to find open slots.
  • Descriptions and photos of spaces
  • Room features and equipment details
  • Single-sign-on.
  • Responsive user interface, device independent

Additional information

  • Use of system is split into two user interfaces: 1. Search and book for available spaces, 2. Admin UI
  • Search and book UI is targeted for day-to-day use to provide an easy and intuitive booking tool
  • Admin UI provides more features, such as:
    • schedule views for teachers
    • building based listings of bookings
    • week/day-based status views (configurable by user)
    • Reporting features for invoicing
    • Maintenance and administration of master data (limited to admin users only)
    • Curriculum planning support module (limited access for LES planners and coordinators)

You can also book other objects with the system – please contact us if you wish to add any objects to be booked:

[email protected]

For meeting room bookings, MS Outlook is the recommended tool. Also remember Aalto Space!


If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here: [email protected]

This service is provided by:

IT Services

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