Bioeconomy Infrastructure

Joint Aalto University and VTT Bioeconomy Infrastructure is on the updated national research infrastructure roadmap 2014-2020.
Aalto Bioproduct Centre

Aalto Bioeconomy contains the selected research infrastructures at the School of Chemical Engineering for development of chemicals, fuels, and other materials from renewable biomass utilizing biotechnical, chemical, thermal and catalytic processing technologies. Various refining processes are also used to develop biopolymers and fibre and composite products.

The infrastructure contains research laboratories, characterization and analysis equipment and modeling and simulation tools in the field of biorefinery. The research enabled by the infra can be divided to process technology, industrial biotechnology and material science aiming to novel products and process solutions utilizing renewable and preferably non-edible biomass.

Research equipment and services

The Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems is providing research and analytical services to companies and research institutes. The services may consist of standardized analysis or special research services tailored to the needs of the customer. It is also possible to utilize the research services of other departments in Aalto University and the Aalto Bioeconomy infrastructure.

Bio2 - Analysis (Wood product properties)

Learn more about Analysis (Wood product properties).

Bio2 - Wood products equipment

Learn more about Wood products equipment.

Bio2 - Chip pretreatment

Learn more about Chip pretreatment.

Bio2 - Autoclaves

Learn more about Autoclaves.

Bio2 - Bleaching

Learn more about Bleaching.

Bio2 - Downstream processes

Learn more about Downstream processes.

Bio2 - Analysis (Pulp and paper properties)

Learn more about analysing pulp and paper properties

Bio2 - Paper making

Learn more about Paper making

Bio2 - Paper finishing

Learn more about Paper finishing

Bio2 - Printability

Learn more about Printability

Bio2 - Chromatography and mass spectrometry

Learn more about Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry

Bio2 - Thermal analysis

Learn more about Thermal analyses

Bio2 - Spectroscopy

Learn more about Spectroscopy

Bio2 - Water analysis

We have a wide selection of equipment for determining the quality and properties of raw, process or wastewater.

Bio2 - Surface analysis

Learn more about Surface analysis

Bio2 - Particle analysis

Learn more about Particle analyses

Bio2 - Material testing

Material testing systems

Bio2 - Rheology

Learn more about Rheology

Bio2 - Microscopy

We have a wide selection of microscopes for teaching and research purposes.

Bio2 - Fibre spinning

Spinning machine: The refinement of fibers can be done by a dry-jet wet Spinning machine.


There is a wide range of equipment available for the pretreatment, analysis, characterization, processing and testing of biobased materials within the Bioeconomy Infrastructure. Equipment is listed in different categories and is placed in different locations at the relevant departments. For more information and equipment reservation please contact Jaana Rich,, +358 50 408 1988 

Due to the great variance in the equipment available also the operation can require more or less training and in some cases the analysis will be conducted by the trained staff only. Price categories shown here are indicative and subject to change without notice.

Our aim is to offer the equipment for scientific research and joint research projects are welcomed. For the research groups who annually use extensively the facilities reduced price can be negotiated.

VAT not included

Category I: Basic processing and testing equipment

  • Academic work: 15-50€/h
  • Commercial use: 50-100€/h

Category II: Advanced processing and analysis equipment

  • Academic work: 30€/h or 30€/sample (depending on the measurement)
  • Commercial use: 100-120 €/h or 100-120 €/sample

Operator time by technician or scientist

  • Academic work: 22/33 € per hour
  • Commercial use: 60/90€ per hour

Examples of category I equipment:

DSC, Instron, autoclaves, injection molding

Examples of category II equipment:

NMR, ESCA, dynamic rheometers

Contact information

Jaana Rich, Manager, Technical Services
bioeconomy(at); +358 50 4081988

Visiting adresses:
Kemistintie 1 and
Vuorimiehentie 1
02150 Espoo

This service is provided by:

School of Chemical Engineering

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