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The Aalto University School of Business is committed to providing better services for the increasing number of incoming international employees and to achieve this goal, it supports the international mobility of its staff. Here you can find information on staff mobility funding and application procedures.

International Mobility Grant for Staff

One of the main goals of the Aalto University strategy is internationalization of our work community. The Aalto University School of Business is committed to providing better services for the increasing number of incoming international employees and to achieve this goal, it supports the international mobility of its staff.

The objectives of international staff mobility are

  • To increase international and intercultural experience of staff in order to provide better service for incoming international employees.
  • To benchmark best practices of other organizations.
  • To enable staff to acquire specific know-how or practical skills relevant to their work.
  • To help build cooperation between organizations and build cross-cultural capabilities.

Staff from all levels of all service units are encouraged to acquire international experience.  

Staff mobility funding guidelines

International mobility may take many forms such as:  

  • Courses and workshops where the content of the course supports the applicant’s professional development.
  • An on-the-job learning experience at a company, university or public organization.
  • Attending an international week at a partner university.

The employee is responsible for the practical arrangements of the trip and for securing the location of the visit. For a list of and help in contacting our international partner organizations please contact the Head of International Affairs [email protected]

Eligibility requirements

  • To be eligible for the mobility grant the outgoing administrative employee needs to be employed by the Aalto University School of Business. The mobility program is aimed mainly at employees with long term on-going employment contracts whose international visits will benefit the organization’s internationalization objectives.
  • The length of the visit is a minimum of 5 working days and a maximum of 4 weeks.

Travel costs

The travel costs are covered according to the Aalto travel guidelines.  The maximum mobility grant is 1500 euros per person and is paid to the department. The excess cost of the visit is covered by the administrative unit or department of the outgoing person.   Each employee is eligible to apply for the Staff Mobility Grant once per year. Priority is given to applicants who have not received the grant before.  

Application process

  • Discuss your willingness to apply for the staff mobility grant with your supervisor.
  • You may proceed with your application if your supervisor sees that the visit is beneficial to your department and for your personal development. The application should include a cost quotation, travel plan and a detailed work plan including an explanation on how you and your department would benefit from a visit to that particular organization and how you plan to share what you have learned within the organization.
  • Please ask your supervisor/Department Head (the person with the budget responsibility of the unit) to e-mail the application to HR Specialist Maija Sura ([email protected])
  • HR presents the applications to the Dean, who makes the final decision. The applicant, his/her supervisor, the Controller and the HR Coordinator of the department will be informed of the Dean’s decision by e-mail (a scanned copy of the signed decision document will be attached).
  • Once you have secured funding, prepare a travel plan in the M2 travel expense system. Please attach copies of the work plan and approval of funding.
  • After your supervisor has approved the travel plan in M2, you may contact the travel secretary of your department to book flights and accommodation


Within a month after your return please:

  • Submit your travel report to the International Affairs office: [email protected] and HR: [email protected] (Please see attached example of a travel report Columbia University Report)
  • Finalize the travel plan in the M2 system with the actual costs.
  • Prepare and give a presentation on your learning experience for your team and any other possible forums within your department or organization.

For more information on the International Mobility Grant and the application process please contact HR Specialist Maija Sura ([email protected])

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