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Inviting academic visitors and offering opportunities related to research or artistic practice has a long tradition in the academia. At Aalto University, we are proud of our international reach, and we welcome visiting researchers and artistic practitioners. However, we must take into account the restrictions regarding export control and sanctions in academic visits as well.
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Definition of academic visitor

An academic visitor is typically a person working or studying at another university or organization, to whom Aalto provides access to the university's premises and/or, for example, the possibility of using research equipment, databases or data for their own research or artistic activities.

The academic visitor cannot participate in externally funded or commercial projects.

Academic visitor agreement

Academic visits are agreed for a fixed period of time. The visitor doesn't have an employment relationship with Aalto, which is why their status is significantly different from that of an Aalto employee. The visitor is also not a degree student at Aalto. For this reason, it is necessary that the roles, obligations, and responsibilities of both parties are clearly agreed in the visitor agreement. Further, the equipment, supplies, services, workspaces, etc. that will be used by the visitor must also be identified. 

Before the visitor can start using Aalto's facilities, systems, equipment and tools, a written visitor agreement must be concluded with the academic visitor. A visitor agreement can only be concluded after the person has been accepted as a visitor in accordance with the visitor process defined by Aalto.

Aalto has no labor management rights over the visitor, and the visitor has no employee rights. So don't use the visitor contract as a substitute for an employment contract.

Visitor process

If you are considering inviting an academic visitor, always contact the HR person of your school or department first. You’ll get instructions and further help with the visitor process from them. This way we can ensure that the regulations regarding export control and sanctions are properly taken care of.

Legal councel for visitor agreement

Suvi Huotari

Legal Counsel

Legal councel for export control and sanction regulations

Sampo Kukkonen

Compliance Officer and Legal Counsel
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