Aalto Version: Quick guide

Aalto Version Control System is a service that supports software development in research, teaching and studies.

Centrally managed version control system is available for all Aalto users at

  • Info & Login to the system
  • Creating a new project
  • Configuring the client for use
  • Login with SSH
  • Size limit of a repository
  • More information regarding the usage of GIT

Info & Login to the system

Aalto users are able to login to the system with Haka authentication (Picture 1). External users with HAKA account can also use the same method to access the system. External users with locally configured credentials will have to type their credentials to the dedicated fields. Within the Standard tab (Picture 2).

Use Aalto / HAKA login

Picture 1: Use Aalto / HAKA login to access with Aalto credentials

Picture 2: External user login

Picture 2: External user login

Creating a new project

After a successful login, new user will see a welcome page, where a new project can be created or an existing project can be browsed.

External users cannot create new projects.

  1. Click the New project button.
  2. In the new project window (Picture 3) enter the name of the project, description and the privacy-settings (visibility level). You can also import repositories from external systems, such as Github.
  3. Click Create Project. The new project is done.

New project

Picture 3: New project


Configuring the client for use

In order to obtain a local copy of a repository, you will need to install a Git-client on your computer.

For centrally managed Aalto computers, the Software Self-service portal has one available, SW_Git_Aalto.

To login with Git-client (https) to a repository, use Aalto-credentials:

Git global setup:

Configuring your username, the information can be found inside the site of a repository (

git config --global "your.username"

git config --global "Aalto email-address"

Create a new repository:

git clone

cd Testproject


git add

git commit -m "add README"

git push -u origin master

Existing folder or Git repository:

cd existing_folder

git init

git remote add origin

git add .

git commit -m "Initial commit"

git push -u origin master

Login with SSH

You can use SSH to login to Aalto Version Control System. Use your normal Aalto password or create a SSH key as instructed here:

To verify the authentication to the server, the SSH host key fingerprints are:

RSA (SHA256)


DSA (SHA256)


Size limit of a repository

Currently, the size of a repository has not been limited but avoid use the service as a storage for large files.

More information regarding the usage of GIT

For more information, how to use GIT as a version control system, feel free to familiarize yourself with the Pro Git – book composed by Scott Chacon & Ben Straub, link to the book below:

GitLab also provides comprehensive user guides; feel free to familiarize yourself with them at

Related instructions

Aalto Version: How to apply an account for an external user

An Aalto version external user can only see repositories which are set as public, repositories set as internal cannot be viewed by an external account apart from the internal repositories which the external account has been granted an access.

This service is provided by:

IT Services

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