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Welcome to the Aalto Materials Digitalization Platform (AMAD) tutorials page. Here, you'll find user-friendly videos designed to simplify your onboarding process and help you navigate the platform with ease.

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AMAD Tutorial 1: What is AMAD?

This tutorial explores what is AMAD and how it transforms research workflow and innovates data collaboration.

AMAD Tutorial 2: Quickstart Guide to AMAD

This tutorial guides you through the process of registering and logging in to AMAD.

AMAD Tutorial 3: Dashboard Guide to AMAD

This tutorial explains the various features available on the AMAD Dashboard.

AMAD Tutorial 4: Notebook Editor Guide to AMAD - Part 1 (Basic features)

This tutorial explains the basic features of the AMAD notebook editor.

AMAD Tutorial 5: Notebook Editor Guide to AMAD - Part 2 (Creating a new notebook)

This tutorial guides you through the actual steps of creating a new notebook.

AMAD Tutorial 6: Notebook Editor Guide to AMAD - Part 3 (Data visualization & processing)

This tutorial explains the features of data visualization, data processing, and access control of a notebook.

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In case you need support in using AMAD or have any question about it, do not hesitate to contact us at:

[email protected]

Also you can contact the project responsibles directly to learn more about the service, provide feedback and suggest new bespoke features:

 Lara Ejtehadian

Lara Ejtehadian

IT Specialist
 Jannika Rinnejärvi

Jannika Rinnejärvi

Customer Relationship Manager

Ilari Lähteenmäki

U909 IT Services

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The development of the Aalto Materials Digitalization Platform has been partly funded with support from the Academy of Finland.

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