Management of School of Science

Quality and development

An animating principle of Aalto University is the high quality of its operations, and all the researchers, students, teachers and other employees of the University are responsible for promoting quality in their everyday activities.

Aalto University maintains and develops its quality system to ensure that the quality of its operations and their transparency can be improved continuously. The quality system supports the strategic management of the university in accordance with principles outlined by the European Higher Education Area and the changing operating environment of higher education.

Quality management is part of the everyday operation of the university and based on the model of continuous improvement and the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act), also known as the Deming cycle (see image).

Equality and quality group
Aalto University's PDCA cycle
The Plan–Do-Check-Act cycle of Aalto University

Foundation of the quality system

The quality system is based on answering basic questions related to our activities.

  • Strategy – what are we doing?
  • Processes – how do we accomplish our goals?
  • Annual clock – when in the year do we act?
  • Roles and responsibilities – who is in charge and who should help?
  • Feedback system – how do we know and confirm that we are moving in the right direction?

Laatua yhdessä: Yliopiston laatuauditointi lähestyy

Vuonna 2022 laadimme yhdessä laatuauditointia varten itsearviointiraportin.

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Crystal flowers Kuva: Mikko Raskinen / Aalto-yliopisto

Equality and quality group

The equality and quality group supports the Dean in developing the school’s quality assurance. The group makes recommendations on areas of development and supports the annual development cycle at the School of Science. The group is also responsible for the equality, diversity and inclusion work at the School, including the annual SCI EDI action plan.

people on campus

Quality policy and system

The quality system is an entity of policies, procedures and processes.

Quality system

Assesment and Feedback

The purpose of evaluations is to ensure the quality of and improve university activities and to embed the best joint operating methods in the organisation.

Evaluation programme_2021-2027_Aalto


Aalto University has improved markedly in rankings specific to science, art, technology and business. We also place high in ranking lists comparing young universities.

A Grid Aalto University / Photo by Unto Rautio
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