Management Team

The School of Engineering Management Team is a body for discussing operative matters and preparing issues for decision-making.
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The School of Engineering Management Team members are the dean, vice deans, heads of the school's departments and the school's services. The school's executive assistant acts as the team's secretary. The management team provides a platform for discussing operative matters and preparing issues for decision-making in other bodies.

The school's departments operate their own management teams chaired by the heads of the  departments.

Management team meetings, 2021

  • Spring meetings:
    • 18 January, 15 February, 15 March, 19 April, 17 May, 14 June
  • Autumn meetings:
    • 16 August, 13 September, 11 October, 15 November, 13 December

Management team members

  • Dean Gary Marquis, chair
  • Vice Dean Pentti Kujala
  • Vice Dean Jani Romanoff
  • Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering Jouni Partanen
  • Head of Department, Civil Engineering Jari Puttonen
  • Head of Department, Built Environment Riku Vahala
  • HR Manager Suvi Hormio
  • Corporate Engagement Specialist Heikki Lahtinen
  • Academic Affairs Manager Mirka Jalonen
  • Development Manager Elina Karvonen
  • Controller Pekka Mård
  • Senior Research Liaison Officer Terhi Saarinen
  • Coordinator in technology affairs Panu Sainio
  • Executive Assistant Maarit Vuorio, secretary
  • International Affairs Manager Saara Sokolnicki
  • Communications Specialist Riitta Särkisilta
  • Jani Pusula, student representative
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