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Working life courses

Students in the School of Chemical Engineering bachelor programme complete these working life courses in connection with summer work. The students learn various working life skills as well as assess the operations and developmental requirements of the employer organisation. The companies have the possibility to affect job assignments. The companies also participate in the assessment of students’ development.
Aalto University/Unto Rautio

The goal of the working life courses-based bachelor programme is to develop various working life skills for students. Working life courses also benefit business enterprises in many ways.

Benefits for the company

  • For the company, it is possible to obtain reflections from the student with regard to its functions and operational culture.
  • The company has the opportunity to give the student or student group an assignment in a specific object of development.
  • The employer participates in the assessment of the student's development together with the student and the university.
  • Companies have the chance to recruit motivated students who are continuously developing their working life skills.

Student’s role

The students learn working life skills during their summer work, such as:

  • Group work and interactive skills
  • Independent and systematic working
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Identification of work environment development objects
  • Lifelong learning skills

Students reflect on their own development, reflecting the employers' organisation and the working community's operational culture. In addition, they assess and consider the functions of the employer enterprise and the factors that guide it.

Collaboration with business enterprises

Within the context of the working life course concept, advancement with the student, university and business enterprise proceeds as follows:

  • The students personally look for a summer job
  • Before initiating summer work, a launch meeting is arranged between the student, university and employer
  • The employer gives the student feedback about the development of his/her expertise, and helps the student in assessing his/her own expertise
  • The employer explains the various career possibilities in the company and, at the same time, illuminates the student’s understanding of graduate engineer-related work in the field over the long term
  • The employer arranges, along with the student, at least one encounter over the course of the work at about mid-way during the employment relationship
  • At the end of the summer job, a second general encounter between the student, employer and university will be arranged. During the concluding encounter, a review will take place with regard to the development of the student’s expertise and its assessment, the feedback received by and given to the student, completion of the student’s course assignments, and development of the working life course concept as a whole.

Further information

More information about the School of Chemical Engineering working life courses and the business enterprise collaboration conducted within its context is provided by Johanna Vainiomäki, [email protected]


Lisätietoja Kemian tekniikan korkeakoulun työelämäkursseista ja niiden puitteissa tehtävästä yritysyhteistyöstä antaa Johanna Vainiomäki, [email protected]

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