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When you graduate from the School of Business, you become an alumnus/a of both the School of Business and Aalto University. Our alumni are all those who have a degree from Aalto University or from its predecessor universities, including Aalto University Executive Education Programs, or who have completed exchange studies at Aalto University or its predecessors. Welcome to our alumni community!
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School of Business alumni community offers possibilities for life-wide learning, networking and contributing to our School's mission: Better Business - Better Society. Keep your contact information updated and update your orders here!

As an alumnus/alumna, you will get e.g.

  • A chance to stay connected with fellow alumni and students (School of Business alumni LinkedIn group and Aalto University Alumni Community group)
  • The opportunity to create an alumni email address and mail box via this page[email protected]
  • Aalto University Magazine (you can order it on this page)
  • A discount on the price of season cards at UniSport (see further instructions here)
  • Invitations to alumni events, where you can network and increase your knowledge (read more about School of Business alumni events and check the Aalto University event calendar)
  • Networking opportunities with influential actors, experts and students both within and outside your professional field
  • Latest news on the School of Business & University developments and current affairs via alumni newsletters (School of Business Alumni Newsletter, Aalto Waves Alumni Newsletter, Feel the Future career design letter). When you become an alumnus/a, you will automatically receive the alumni newsletters in the email address you provided. You can always cancel the newsletters later if you wish.
  • Information on lifewide learning opportunities (such as online courses, continuing education, postgraduate education opportunities and available courses at the Open University)
  • Aalto University Lifewide Learning courses with alumni discount: Access - Aalto EE 
  • The opportunity to contribute to the development of the university and provide support to students through mentoring or career events
  • In addition, Aalto University, our alumni colleagues and partners provide Aalto alumni with various changing benefits (see them on the Aalto Alumni benefits page)

Welcome to the Aalto alumni community

Join the community, update your contact information, order the Aalto University Magazine and alumni e-mail.

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 Aalto University School of Business Alumni Relations

Aalto University School of Business Alumni Relations

For School of Business alumni
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