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Information Technology Program (ITP) for Students

Information Technology Program (ITP) is a summer minor program (24 ECTS) that brings students together from diverse backgrounds and all around the world to solve digital business problems. ITP enables students to combine business, design, and technological perspectives, making it an ever-changing and valuable education module. ITP prepares students for a future of data-driven and evidence-based decision making in the digital economy.
ITP 2024 Application

The link above will direct you to the application form. Before applying, read the Application Guidelines carefully to know your applicant group. Also, decide your specialization track (ISB/SED) first by reading this page.

If you face any troubles when applying, do not hesitate to contact us! (contact information can be found at the bottom of the page).

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Is ITP the missing piece to make your study experience complete?

  • What? - Aalto University's minor program (24 ECTS), digital business / technology / design / marketing
  • When? - During the summer period, 3.6. - 30.8.2024. Lectures start 10.6.2024.
  • Where? - Aalto University's Otaniemi campus in Espoo
  • To whom? - Free for all Aalto degree students, JOO students and Aalto BIZ exchange students, all study backgrounds welcome. Read more under Application Guidelines.
  • Prerequisites? - 60 ECTS completed in BSc before the start of the program
  • How to apply? - Send the application (CV, motivation video/letter, an official transcript of records) here by the end of the application period (Friday, April 12th, 2024 at 23:59)
  • If it ain't broken, don't fix it. Build it!

What's there for you as a student?

  • Complete 24 ECTS and a minor in 3 months
  • Gain valuable project work experience in international multi-disciplinary teams
  • Collaborate with an actual company and work with real-life digital challenges
  • Expand your professional network
  • Improve your unique skill-set and gain the confidence to lead in tomorrow’s digital world
  • Master approaches that enable you to operate effectively in the global business environment

I think ITP has helped me to make myself stand out as I can apply technology understanding on the side of business thinking.

ISB track, ITP student 2021

What do you study in ITP?

In ITP, you can study information technologies, service design and digital platforms. Each of the tracks includes three courses and the business project course consisting of 24 credits. Select your favourite one from the three specialization tracks. 

Hands-on business project

The highlight of the ITP summer is a real business project commissioned by a partner organisation. The business project is done in teams of 4-5 students, with varying academic and international backgrounds. While the ITP faculty supports student teams throughout the summer with workshops and frequent feedback sessions, the teams work independently to come up with the best solution for their client’s challenge. 

The business project allows students to improve their project management, teamwork and presentation skills, not to mention the unique learning experience of applying your new skills to a real challenge. After ITP, students are ready to take on the challenges of the digital business environment.

Business Projects: Information Technology Program (ITP)

The program offered me new viewpoints to design and the future, as well as ideas for my career and life in general. In short, loved ITP!

Erika Natunen, MSc student in Information Service Management, ITP Student 2020

Have any questions about applying? Contact us!

 Victor de Bruin

Victor de Bruin

Senior Program Manager
 Nikolay Efimov

Nikolay Efimov

Project Coordinator 2024 (ISB)
 Juan Camino

Juan Camino

Project Coordinator 2024 (SED)
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Application Guidelines: Information Technology Program (ITP)

Who can apply to ITP? What is the application like? How does the process work?

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FAQ: Information Technology Program (ITP)

We have collected some useful answers to frequently asked questions. They are divided into two sections based on their relevance: FAQs that most likely interest Students/Applicants, and FAQs that more likely interest Collaborating Companies.

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ITP Summer 2021

Why ITP is the best choice for your summer

Past ITP coordinators share their experiences in the program and give you a glimpse of what to expect from the ITP summer.

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ITP 2021 students

Information technology program (ITP) alumni stories

What is ITP really like? Hear it from our alumni! We have gathered alumni experiences from different years on this page.

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