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School of Business Management Teams
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At Aalto University, formal decisions at the university level are made by the Aalto University Board, the President and the Aalto University Academic Affairs Committee.

The School’s decision-making bodies are the Dean and The Academic Committee for Business and Economics.

The School has the following management teams:

1. Top Management Team (TMT) is an operative management body. It consists of the Dean and the two Associte Deans, six Heads of Department, six Service Managers (communication, external relations, finance, HR, learning services,  development),  student representatives and the Managing Director for Aalto University Executive Education. The TMT meets regularly, approximately four times per semester. After every TMT meeting, there is an open Dean´s coffee for faculty and staff at Proffa.

2. Strategic Management Team consists of the Dean and the two Associate Deans, who meet regularly, approximately once every two weeks, to have an open discussion about ongoing issues of strategic importance.

3. Operational Management Team includes the Dean and the six Service Managers, who gather once every two weeks.

4. Education Management Team includes the Vice Dean of Teaching and Learning (Chair), Head of Learning Services (Vice Chair), Head of Development, School's Pedagogical Specialist, LES Team coordinators, and a KY representative

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