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From the Alps to Aalto University

An Aalto University student, Daniel Julier, found his calling, fell in love and moved to Finland. Now building a successful career in the advertising industry, Daniel sees multidisciplinarity, the skills and knowledge attained at Aalto as an asset in the working life. Staying curious is also something that, in his opinion, cannot be emphasised too much.
Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Daniel Julier

Originally from Switzerland and now studying art and design at Aalto University, Daniel ended up in Finland after a series of events. He started his product design studies in Zürich, which led him to do his student exchange in Lund, Sweden. There he met his girlfriend and decided to apply to Aalto University. The doors to Aalto opened after his second application. As soon as he found out he was accepted, he decided to move to Finland. According to Daniel, the application process was flexible, since Aalto offered the opportunity to do the entrance interview via a video call.

Aalto's good reputation made the decision easy

For Daniel, it was clear at an early stage that he wanted to deepen his knowledge and continue his studies after Zürich, and earn a Master's degree. This was one of the reasons which made the decision to move to Finland an easy one. In fact, he says that the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture is enjoying a very good reputation in the field of design in Central Europe. Daniel says, that a degree from Aalto University is a strong indicator of competence and, thus, a strong asset in the job market – both in Finland and globally.

Multidisciplinarity is repeated in the workplace

Daniel believes that Aalto gives you an excellent readiness for the working life, since as at the university, in the business life, too, teams consist of specialists from different fields. He says, that a different way of thinking and the synergy created by the diverse know-how, is a richness. Daniel has worked for over four years now as a product designer at one of Finland's most awarded advertising agencies, TBWA\Helsinki.

Positive and thirsty for knowledge, Daniel's guiding principle is to stay curious and not to get stuck on a single way of thinking. Eagerness to lifelong learning and open-mindedness are the resources that everyone should take with them wherever they go.

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