What are Aalto Platforms?

The Aalto University Platforms facilitate multi- and interdisciplinary research and teaching in Aalto's focus areas. They organize annually several thematic meetings which offer external stakeholders possibilities for co-operation and networking. They, also, bring together Aalto's expertise across departments.
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The Platforms facilitate joint efforts to tackle scientific and societal challenges requiring systemic and integrative approaches beyond the capabilities of an individual department. They provide a single contact point for their area in which researchers are typically employed by several Departments.

A platform

  • is open to all researchers at Aalto University,
  • supports interaction with Aalto University's stakeholders,
  • facilitates networking and joint efforts,
  • provides a forum for recently recruited professors to create local networks,
  • leverages Aalto University’s research excellence in our focus areas,
  • enhances multidisciplinary research,
  • supports tackling challenges beyond reach of one single department,
  • increases resilience of Finland by supporting the capability to change and adopt to new challenges,
  • follows the field and identifies weak signals by suggesting foresight activities and giving expert’s opinions,
  • has high transparency and minimal bureaucracy: core academic activities and funding remain at Aalto University Schools and Departments,
  • has a board that consists of Professors from all Aalto University Schools, Chair (Aalto University Professor) and Manager (doctoral level expert).

What's in it for me?

  • Expand your collaboration network: meet people inside and outside Aalto and in companies
  • Participate on the networking events for free, to hear the latest developments
  • Participate in multidisciplinary research collaboration networks to get impact and visibility for your own research
  • Get involved in policy making
  • Open your eyes for new ideas, and get feedback for your own ideas
  • Apply for seed funding: join larger multidisciplinary research consortia to get external funding
  • Suggest new event topics and modes of operation, and get help in coordination activities

Seed funding

The Platforms deliver Aalto University's Joint Strategic Funding for supporting multidisciplinary, cross-School collaboration. This Seed funding is targeted at external funding application preparation, internal mobility or multidisciplinary openings. The call is opened once a year, in the spring and in the autumn.

More information on platforms

Aalto Digi Platform 

Manager: Krisztina Cziner, [email protected]

Aalto Energy Platform 

Manager: Samuel Cross, [email protected]

Aalto Experience Platform 

Manager: Markus Ahola, [email protected]

Aalto Health Platform

Manager: Markus Mäkelä, [email protected]

Aalto Materials Platform

Manager: Heidi Henrickson, [email protected]

Aalto Living+ Platform

Manager: Aija Staffans, [email protected]

Aalto Sustainability Hub

Managers: Meri Löyttyniemi, [email protected] and Taru Henriksson, [email protected]

Aalto Entrepreneurship Platform

Coordination and contact for general platform enquiries

Krisztina Cziner
Head of Platform Services
[email protected]

Ella Bingham
Head of Research Strategic Support
[email protected]  

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