Ella Bingham

Ella Bingham

Head of Research Services
U901 Research Services
Tutkimuspalveluiden johtaja

Head of Research Services.
Our unit of 60+ research service professionals is helping Aalto University's researcher community in e.g. applying and handling external research funding, library resources, ACRIS, research data management, open science and research, research assessments, the tenure track of professors, multidisciplinary collaboration platforms, sustainability, national cooperation between universities, profiling of research, and so on. Please find our services at https://www.aalto.fi/en/service-entities/research-and-innovation-services

I am also Executive Director of Foundation for Aalto University Science and Technology  (Aalto-yliopiston tekniikan tukisäätiö)

Previously I was Vice Director and responsible for research administration at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT

Personally, I am also interested in science policy, research funding, science for policymaking, etc. My background is in statistical data analysis / data mining, artificial intelligence, and systems and operations research. I have about 3000 citations and my h index is 17 in Google Scholar  and my Erdös number is 3 :-)

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Otakaari 24 02150 Espoo Finland
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Research evaluations, Research funding, Data Science, Digitalization, Science policy, Research administration, Data analysis, Digi Platform, 113 Computer and information sciences, 112 Statistics and probability, 2 Engineering and technology, 1 Natural sciences, Computational science, Computational data analysis, Software engineering, operating systems, man-computer interaction, Information systems science, Statistics


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