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M8 Art Space

M8 Art Space was initiated in 2016 to introduce artistic research into the thinking and making environment of electrical engineering at Aalto University. It does this by operating a platform for screen-based works by artists working with subjects connected to developments in electrical engineering. The four channel screen programme is located in the atrium of the Maarintie 8 building and is curated by Edel O' Reilly. 
Image: Installation of Exhibition by Dana Neilson 'Closer to (my) Nature' 4-channel video. 11-19 minute loop. 2017
Image: Installation of Exhibition by Dana Neilson 'Closer to (my) Nature' 4-channel video. 11-19 minute loop. 2017

Exhibitions at M8 Art Space 2019-2020

25.09.19 - 25.11.19 // ‘Polsima’ by Olivia Abächerli 

26.11.19 - 15.02.20 // ‘Interfacing Immortality’ by Bethany Crawford

21.02.20 - 21.11.20 // < AANOLEIMS > by Lukas MalteHoffmann

26.11.20 - 18.12.20 // 'No One Can Ever Embargo the Sun: Light, Silver and Land’ by Amanda Rice 

2020 - 2021 // Assem A. Hendawi

The screening programme at M8 Art Space is curated by Edel O' Reilly ([email protected])

Dialogue Model: I can’t hear myself without you listening

Exhibition Programme at M8 Art Space 2019-2020

New Exhibitions at M8 Art Space
Image: Olivia Abächerli. Still from 'Polsima' 4 channel video installation, 2019

M8 Art Space and other Aalto Exhibition Spaces:

Maarintie 8

Maarintie 8

Maarintie 8

Image: Installation view of Jemina Lindholm exhibition 'Sick System'. Title 'How to make decisions' Video 05:53-2018

Previous Exhibitions at M8 Art Space

Please see details of previous artists and project screened at M8 Art Space in the School of Electrical Engineering (ELCE) since 2017.

Research & Art
Aalto betaspace, an exhibition venue for students at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture / photo by Julia Weckman.

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Research & Art
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