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Raw Materials Research Infrastructure

RAMI Raw Materials is a national, joint research infrastructure. Its target is to strengthen the long-term core expertise in Otaniemi (together with GTK and VTT), and to place Finland among the strong actors in natural and new inorganic material research needed in the circular economy.
Raw Materials

At Aalto University, we focus to process, characterize and recycle primary and secondary raw materials and to search for new cutting-edge material replacements for e.g. future sustainable technologies.

About the infrastructure

RawMatters at Aalto University, a sub-section of the national RAMI infrastructure, covers the research facilities at the School of Chemical Engineering that operate in the field of inorganic materials (metals, oxides etc.).

This means focus on metals and ceramics at bulk or nano-level, in solid or aqueous environments.

The research enabled by the infra can be divided to materials science and chemistry, electrochemistry, metal processing and recycling.

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