Master’s Programme in Urban Mobility

Starting your studies

The studies of the academic year 2024-2025 start during the orientation week on August 26 to August 30, 2024. The program will be updated on this page in the summer of 2024.

Participation in the orientation week is very important for the smooth start of the studies. During the week, you will meet your fellow students and teachers for the first time, socialize at events organized by guilds, receive support for course selections and study systems, as well as have the opportunity to handle official matters related to daily life.

Orientation week programme Monday 26 August-30 August

Monday 26 August. Place: AS2 hall TUAS-building, Maarintie 8

09.45-10.15 Breakfast at TUAS- Restaurant. Maarintie 8

10.30-11.15 Dean´s welcome

11.15-12.15 Study essentials, Working life in Finland

12.00-13.00 Lunch break

13.00-14.00 Scientific writing, Why is Intercultural Communication important to engineering students?

14.00-15.00 Study skills and group work skills

15.00-16.00 AYY and ENG Guilds

Tuesday 27 August Introduction to your own Master´s programme

Scroll down the page and check time and place for programme info

Wednesday 28 August  Introduction to your own Master´s programme

Scroll down the page and check time and place for programme info

Thursday 29 August Place: Otakaari 1 Main hall

09.00 –10.00 Information for tuition-fee-liable students ENG, 

10.00-15.00 Aalto Welcome Fair

14.30-15.30 Better Study Life lecture Place: Otakaari 1 Aalto-hall

Friday 30 August Place Otakaari 4

09-12 Personal study plan and Q&A

12.00-14.00 Teekkari life Place Otakaari 1 Aalto-hall

Pre-Orientation 2024-25

Aalto Pre-Orientation materials aims to help you get settled in our university and ease the start of studies. These materials focus on information and services relevant to all new students in our university, and you can return to the materials later on. You will receive more precise information and guidance related to your own study programme during the orientation week.

Your student tutor will contact you in August. Your contact information will be given to your tutor. Tutors are senior students who help new students during orientation week and at the beginning oftheir studies. Each new student is assigned a student tutor who has completed tutoring training.Tutoring is carried out in cooperation with tutors, University personnel and student organizations.Each major has their own tutors, who introduce students to the campus, student organizationactivities (KIK, IK and MK Guilds) and student life in general.

EIT Urban Mobility Orientation Programme 2023

Starting time Monday 28.8. Tuesday 29.8. Wednesday 30.8. Thursday 31.8. Friday 1.9.

9:15-10:00 Breakfast @Otakaari 1, lobby in front of Lecture Hall B 

9:00-9:45 EIT UM get-together @Otakaari 1, U262 KPMG


9:00-9:45 Information for tuition-fee-liable-students @Otakaari 4, Lecture Hall 216

9:00-12:00 Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Introduction @Design Factory (TBC) 

Breakfast included


10:15-10:45 Dean's Welcome @Otakaari 1, Lecture Hall B 

10:00-10:30 Welcome and introduction to SPT programme

@Otakaari 1, room U7 PWC

10:00-12:00 Getting to know each other 

@Otakaari 1, room U7 PWC

10:00-16:00 Welcome Fair

9:00-12:00 Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Introduction @Design Factory (TBC)


10:50-12:00 Orientation Week Programme; Study Essentials; Working Life in Finland @Otakaari 1, Lecture Hall B 

11:30-12.00 Introduction to the Guild

@Otakaari 1, room U7 PWC

Getting to know each other continues

10:00-16:00 Welcome Fair

9:00-12:00 Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Introduction @Design Factory (TBC)


Lunch break


Lunch break together with the group


Lunch break together with the group and walk around the campus

10:00-16:00 Welcome Fair

12:00-14:00 Teekkari Life @Otakaari 1, Lecture Hall Aalto


13:00-13:45 Scientific Writing & Communication in Team @Otakaari 1, Lecture Hall B 

13:30 Meeting your colleague’s workshop @Otakaari 1, room U7 PWC


10:00-16:00 Welcome Fair

12:00-14:00 Teekkari Life @Otakaari 1, Lecture Hall Aalto


14:00-14:45 Study Skills & Group work skills, Starting Point of Wellbeing @Otakaari 1, Lecture Hall B 

Meeting your colleague’s workshop

14:00 SPT New Student and Alumni gathering 

@Otakaari 1, Y wing lobby, 2nd floor

14:00-15:00 Better Study Life lecture @Otakaari 1, Lecture Hall Aalto

12:00-14:00 Teekkari Life @Otakaari 1, Lecture Hall Aalto


15:00-15:45 AYY and Student Guilds

15:00 Recreational activity

@Otakaari 1, room U7 PWC


10:00-16:00 Welcome Fair

13:00-16:00 Q&A Clinique (optional; first-come-first-serve)

@Otakaari 4, Student Service Point


10:00-16:00 Welcome Fair

13:00-16:00 Q&A Clinique (optional; first-come-first-serve)

@Otakaari 4, Student Service Point

Information on the Aalto Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Introduction for new EIT students

1st of September 9am-12am


9:00 Breakfast in the lobby

9:30 Brief welcoming words and introduction of the audience (“introduce yourself to someone you don’t know”); Why study innovation & entrepreneurship? Short introduction to EIT Label requirements and KPI’s and how these show in your studies

9:45 How did I become an entrepreneur, what role Aalto ecosystem played in the process – student story, Aaltoes / Startup Sauna

10:15 Studying Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Aalto  / Startup Experience course introduction 

(Short stretching break)

10:45 “Startup Experience next level” – Startup Sauna introduction 

11:00 The importance of the community – Aaltoes introduction

11:15 Group picture 

11:15 From speech to action – Design Factory introduction & tour in 2+ groups 

12:00 (at the latest) End of programme

Two students walking on Aalto University campus with green trees and a red, tiled building in the background.

International Joint Master's programmes

Congratulations on your admission to Aalto University! The information on this page concerns students admitted to the following international joint programmes (double or triple degree):

Nordic Master Programmes
Erasmus Mundus Programmes
EIT Programmes
Other double degree programmes (SpaceMaster, CoDaS, EMC)

New students
Student guide illustration, international students

International students

This section of the Student Guide helps with tasks that new international bachelor's and master's degree as well as exchange students need to take care of after admission, especially if you are moving to Finland for the first time. The section should be read along with the general instructions for new bachelor's, master's and exchange students. Also included is further information about living in Finland when you are settling in.

International students

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