Master’s Programme in Urban Mobility

This site contains the student study guide for the Master’s Programme in Urban Mobility (EIT Urban Mobility). Here you will find the programme curriculum as well as detailed guidelines for planning your studies. If you are interested in applying to the programme, follow the link at the bottom of the site to the application page.

Description of the programme

Master’s Programme in Urban Mobility is organized by the School of Engineering.

Master's programme in Urban Mobility is a European double degree programme, which is implemented jointly by leading European universities.The two-year Master's programme is completed by studying at two different universities, both eventually awarding a Master's degree to their graduates. 

At Aalto University, the programme is organized by the School of Engineering. The major offered at Aalto University is called Sustainable Urban Mobility Transitions (SUMT), containing a minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Urban Mobility.

EIT Urban Mobility Master School. Co-funded by the European Union


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Studies Published:
Student Guide illustration, news items
Studies Published:

An inspection of the study environment of Aalto university's campus

All students are invited to answer the anonymous well-being survey from March 27 to April 11.
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Napping pods to the campus - suggest the places for them

Napping pods will be installed on the campus during spring-summer 2023.
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Aalto University Open University's summer courses for degree students

If you are an attending degree student at Aalto University, it is possible to attend some Aalto University Open University summer courses for free of charge during summer 2023.


Vibrant purple and red colored banner with a decorative logo for 'Solve the SDGs'.  The tagline reads 'Work together for a better tomorrrow'.
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Solve the SDGs 2023

A hackathon on two continents for one purpose: building a better tomorrow. Apply by Friday 17.3. to join!
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For thesis-writing: Theses & Tomatoes on Mondays

Online co-writing event for thesis writing

Student experience

Read about the experience of our student Joaquín Andrés Franco Gantiva and follow his path!

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Student Joaquín Andrés Franco Gantiva wants to work with sustainable, efficient and optimal transport in the future

Joaquín Andrés Franco Gantiva chose the Master's programme at Aalto because of the social and psychological approach to understanding human behaviour from a transport perspective.

School of Engineering

How to apply


Sustainable Urban Mobility Transitions (EIT), Master of Science (Technology)

Master’s programme in Urban Mobility, study track Sustainable Urban Mobility Transitions (SUMT) is a master programme focusing on the holistic approach in study, design, development and evaluation of sustainable, inclusive, and resilient urban environment and mobility systems.

Study options
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