Master's Programme in Mechanical Engineering

Planning your studies

Careful planning of your studies ensures a smooth and coherent path from orientation week to graduation. This section contains all the relevant information needed for successful planning and completion of your studies. For official policies and regulations, please see Aalto University's Academic policies and regulations.

Personal study plan in Sisu

Study guidance and counselling

This student study guide is your primary source of information in questions related to studying. We are also happy to meet you in person in order to discuss your studies. Depending on the issue, you can contact your academic advisor, a student advisor or the learning services of your programme. See Contact for more information. 

MyStudies (URL) (external link)

MyStudies is a daily desktop for Aalto students. Log in to MyStudies here.

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Courses and exams

Additional information for planning your studies

Credit transfer

Credit transfer

Student Guide illustration, applications, instructions and guidelines

Sisu instructions: front page

The front page of Sisu instructions for students

Sisu instructions main page illustration

Where to get guidance and support?

Guidance and support for study planning, study wellbeing, and career reflections for Aalto students.

Student guide illustration, supporting your studies

Support for Studying

Support for Studying

Student guide illustration, support for studying

Studies at other Aalto schools or in Finnish universities

As an Aalto University degree student you can complete studies also outside your own field of study. Some of the studies require an application while other studies are open for all Aalto students. You can complete either individual courses or a minor outside your own field of study.

Student guide illustration, other studies

Exchange studies

Information for students about exchange studies.

Student guide illustration, exchange studies

Other studies

Study possibilities at Aalto, in Finland and internationally.

Student guide illustration, other studies

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