Master's Programme in Information Networks

This site contains the student study guide for the Master's Programme in Information Networks. Here you will find the programme curriculum as well as detailed guidelines for planning your studies. All the materials and instructions are for all the majors of the programme. If you are interested in applying to the programme, follow the links at the bottom of the site to the application page.

The Master’s Programme in Information Networks is organized by the School of Science.

This site contains the student study guide for the master’s programme with materials and instructions on all the majors available in the programme. Here you will find the programme curriculum as well as detailed guidelines for planning your studies.

The Master’s Programme in Information Networks programme is how technological development and creation of new business shape our societies. The mission of the programme is to educate societally conscious engineers. Engineers who are masters of software and digital technology and who can create new business based on this technical know-how. And importantly, we train these engineers to understand the complexities and structures of society, especially how technology and business shape societies. Third, we educate professionals who actively work with the ethical, philosophical and value-based issues involved in shaping a society in one direction or another.

Students of this program have a common basis in designing for the society, ethics and philosophy, research methodology and the interaction between society and technology. In addition, students can focus in one of the four majors within the programme to build a more specific combination of societal topics and practical skills.


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Respond to the quality survey on restaurants from 20 to 26 March, 2023

All respondents are entered into a draw to win, e.g. lunch tickets.
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Napping pods to the campus - suggest the places for them

Napping pods will be installed on the campus during spring-summer 2023.
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Aalto University Open University's summer courses for degree students

If you are an attending degree student at Aalto University, it is possible to attend some Aalto University Open University summer courses for free of charge during summer 2023.
EIT Summer School 2023
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EIT Digital Summer School: Digital Platforms for Smart Cities

The EIT Digital summer school held at Aalto University for young professionals as well as Bachelor or Master students aims to create a better understanding of why platforms are key in shaping economies and societies and how platforms create such societal and business impact.


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For thesis-writing: Theses & Tomatoes on Mondays

Online co-writing event for thesis writing
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Solve the SDGs 2023

A hackathon on two continents for one purpose: building a better tomorrow. Apply by Friday 17.3. to join!
Continuing studies in the Master's Programme of Information Networks

Information Networks, Master of Science (Technology)

The Master’s Programme in Information Networks educates cross-disciplinary thinkers and innovators with technical yet human-centric skills. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the interaction between human beings and digital technologies on an individual, group, organisational and societal level.

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