Master's Programme in Information and Service Management


Writing your master's thesis

You need to write a master’s thesis in accordance with the instructions given by your programme. The associated master’s thesis seminar will help you in the writing process, as will your designated thesis advisor. Please note that you must be enrolled as an attending student for the right to study which relates to the master’s thesis you are writing.

Instructions for the master's thesis

Maturity essay

You must write what is called a ‘maturity essay’ as part of your thesis process. The maturity essay is obligatory for a bachelor’s degree and for a master’s degree. The purpose of maturity essay is:

  1. to demonstrate conversance with the subject area of your thesis, and
  2. to demonstrate, if necessary, your proficiency in the language of your primary and secondary education.

You only need to demonstrate your language proficiency once: in connection with the first maturity essay you complete.

The maturity essay at the master’s level

The abstract of your thesis will serve as your maturity essay.

You need not write any other maturity essay. No separate submission of the abstract is needed, for it is submitted, evaluated and approved as part of the thesis. Use the template for writing your abstract. Instructions on submitting the thesis and maturity essay are available on this page under Instructions for the master's thesis.

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