Master's Programme in Geoinformatics


Applying for graduation

Students can apply for graduation in Sisu when all courses required for the master's degree have been registered in Sisu, and the master’s thesis submitted to evaluation (or completed).

Graduation is sought through the study plan in Sisu and therefore it is crucial that the study plan is up to date, reviewed and approved by programme administrative staff.
The courses shown in the study plan will also be printed on the degree certificate.

Note that you can apply for the approval and evaluation of the thesis in eAge and apply for graduation in Sisu at the same time.

Checklist for graduating students:

Timetable for graduation

Graduation dates 

Deadline for applications

  • All credits must be registered into student register
  • The official date of graduation, which will be printed on the degree certificate

Degree programme committee meeting date

  • Approves the master's thesis topics and master's theses
  • Note: only 7 meetings / year

Degree awarded by Dean

  • After this date, your degree will be registered in the student register
  • You will receive an email when your certificate is ready to collect, approximately 2-3 weeks after this date
Graduation ceremony
Fri 29.12.2023  Mon 22.1.2024 Wed 24.1.2024 Wed 13.3.2024
Mon 29.1.2024* no meeting* Wed 14.2.2024 Wed 13.3.2024
Mon 19.2.2024 Mon 11.3.2024 Wed 13.3.2024 Wed 12.6.2024
Mon 25.3.2024* no meeting* Wed 10.4.2024 Wed 12.6.2024
Mon 29.4.2024 Mon 20.5.2024 Wed 22.5.2024 Wed 12.6.2024
Mon 27.5.2024 Mon 10.6.2024 Wed 12.6.2024 Wed 2.10.2024
Mon 24.6.2024* no meeting* Wed 10.7.2024 Wed 2.10.2024
Wed 31.7.2024** Mon 19.8.2024 Wed 21.8.2024 Wed 2.10.2024
Mon 26.8.2024* no meeting* Wed 11.9.2024 Wed 2.10.2024
Mon 30.9.2024  Mon 21.10.2024 Wed 23.10.2024 2025
Thu 31.10.2024* no meeting* Wed 13.11.2024 2025
Mon 18.11.2024 Mon 9.12.2024 Wed 11.12.2024 2025
Tue 31.12.2024*** January 2025 January 2025 2025

* Only graduation requests can be submitted on these dates. All credits including master's thesis and maturity test has to be approved and registered previously.
** Deadline 31.7.2024: If you are applying for MSc thesis approval and evaluation on deadline 31st of July, contact your thesis supervisor well before mid-June to agree on the schedules during summer holiday season. Also, check that your personal study plan is up-to-date. Contact your programme coordinator or planning officer in any unclear situations.
*** Deadline 31.12.2024: Notice the holiday season. Contact your thesis supervisor well before Christmas (24.12.2024).

Graduation ceremonies

The degree recipients will receive an email to their Aalto email address about one month after the date of degree award by Dean with a link for Graduation Ceremony enrolment. Via the survey link you can confirm if you want to participate in the ceremony or to collect your degree certificate on another occasion. Please note that if choose to collect your degree certificate before the graduation ceremony you cannot participate in the ceremony.

Graduation ceremonies in 2024

Wednesday 13.3.2024 at 16.00 Hall U2, Otakaari 1
Wednesday 12.6.2024 at 16.00 Hall 213, Otakaari 4
Wednesday 2.10.2024 at 16.00 Hall U2, Otakaari 1

After graduation

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