Master's Programme in Economics

Curriculum 2022–2024

Degree structure


*Incl. Master's thesis 30 cr

Programme studies 84 cr

Code: BIZ24
Credits: 84 ECTS
Programme Director: Tuukka Saarimaa

There are two separate majors in the programme: Economics and Research Master in Economics.

Students aiming at the Doctoral Programme or jobs that require advanced methodological skills can apply for the major Research Master in Economics. Research master courses are arranged within the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics cooperation.

Master’s thesis and thesis seminar

The programme study module includes a Master's thesis. The thesis must demonstrate readiness for scientific thinking, command of research methods, conversance with the topic of the thesis, and ability for scientific communication.

In many programmes, the students also take part in a thesis seminar, which is designed to help the students to prepare their thesis work. The seminar commonly consists of meetings, completing thesis, presenting the research topic to the seminar group and acting as an opponent for a fellow student’s thesis. Seminar lasts usually the whole semester, and it is organised during both autumn and spring semesters.

Seminar practices vary depending on the degree programme: please see the instructions for each programme in Sisu or MyCourses. For instructions on writing and handing in the thesis please see the page Thesis under "During your studies".


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