Master's Programme in Art and Media

Curriculum 2022–2024

The curriculum for the adacemic years 2024-2026 has also already been published.

Degree structure

Scope of the master's degree is 120 credits:

  • Major studies
    • Advanced major studies 60 op
    • Thesis 30 op
  • Elective studies 30 op

The Art and Media Programme is comprised of the seven Majors in Kuvataidekasvatus (Art Education), Game Design and Development, New Media, Photography, Sound in New Media, Visual Communication Design, Visual Culture, Curating and Contemporary Art, and a Nordic Master Programme in Visual Studies and Art Education.

Graduates of the Art and Media MA program will be able to:         
1.  apply advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in a balanced and critical manner within a specific area of their professional field in arts, media and culture, as well as across other fields.         
2.  carry out and facilitate idea and project development between arts and sciences in a manner that emphasizes societal impact and responsibility, sustainable thinking and development that may be applied to the complex challenges of global world economies and ecologies.         
3.  direct their professional career path through artistic-, research- and design-based thinking, as well as advanced sustainable, artrepreneurial skill sets, abilities and attitudes that are agile, resilient, active, responsible and inherently collaborative.         
4.  assess and critically evaluate—through a mindset of deep ongoing questioning—personal and shared methods, thinking patterns, habits and norms with the aim of professional life-wide learning and positive solution-seeking.  
5.  recognize and respect ethical, good policies and laws that guard and protect the work of other creative professionals, stakeholders, as well as the integrity of people and other species, and utilize professional communication for work in the field of arts, media and culture and within international operations and cooperation.


Elective studies

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