Aalto Doctoral Programme in Science



The topic of your doctoral thesis is approved by the Doctoral Programme Committee of the School when you are accepted to the doctoral programme. Your research plan is the basis for your thesis work.

Doctoral thesis at Aalto University Doctoral thesis: preparation for pre-examination and publication (Finalising your doctoral studies, your doctoral thesis (Finalising your doctoral studies,

Incentive scholarships

Incentive scholarships for the first two articles and completetion of doctoral thesis (see the conditions)

Published doctoral theses

Published doctoral theses (

Doctoral thesis awards since 2011

Aalto University School of Science awards annually doctoral thesis awards for exceptionally distinguished theses. Decisions on the thesis awards are made by the Dean based on the proposals from Doctoral Programme Committee and the departments. Value of the doctoral thesis award is 3000 euros.

Past recipients of the thesis awards (

Next public defences at the School of Science

Public defences

Public defence in Biomedical Engineering, M.Sc. (Tech) Joonas Ryssy

Title of the doctoral thesis: DNA-based Stimuli-Responsive Nanotechnology and Materials
Black doctor's hat
Public defences

Public defence in Computer Science, Shaghayegh Roohi

Title of the doctoral thesis: Advances in AI-assisted Game Testing
Public defences

Public defence in Mathematics, M.Sc. (Tech) Topi Kuutela

Title of the doctoral thesis: Computational and theoretical models in diffuse imaging
Public defences

Public defence in Engineering Physics, Afrina Khanam

Title of the doctoral thesis: Defect analysis of Germanium and TiO2 by means of Positron annihilation spectroscopy
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