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ECOL - European Common Online Learning

ECOL - European Common Online Learning network comprises of six leading business schools in Europe. The core idea of the network is to offer high-quality online courses to the universities in the network. At Aalto University, the network's courses are open to students of the School of Business only. Through the courses, students have the opportunity to network and collaborate with business students studying elsewhere in Europe and to gain an international dimension to the degree from home.

Members of ECOL network

In addition to Aalto University School of Business, the following universities are members:

  • Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Austria
  • Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands
  • ESADE Business School, Spain
  • University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Course offer and credit transfer

The offered courses are bachelor-level courses. Master-level students are also welcome to apply. You can find the course offer from the table below.

ECOL Course Offer- Fall semester 2024
University Course Title ECTS Places left Course description/schedule
ESADE Behavioral Economics 3 0 See the attachment below
ESADE Business & Cinema 2 0 See the attachment below
ESADE Fundaments of Sustainability and Circular Economy un a Holistic Context 5 2 See the attachment below
HSG Strategic Forseight 4 0 https://tools.unisg.ch/handlers/Public/CourseInformationSheet.ashx/semester/HS23/eventnumber/5,139,1.00.pdf
HSG Digital Games - Business, Culture, Ethics 3 0 https://tools.unisg.ch/handlers/Public/CourseInformationSheet.ashx/semester/HS19/eventnumber/3,720,1.00
HSG International Management 4 1 https://tools.unisg.ch/handlers/Public/CourseInformationSheet.ashx/semester/HS23/eventnumber/5,133,1.00.pdf
CBS Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Practical Applications and Use Cases 7,5 0 https://kursuskatalog.cbs.dk/2024-2025/BA-BHAAV2304U.aspx
CBS Brand Management 7,5 0 https://kursuskatalog.cbs.dk/2024-2025/BA-BHAAV6033U.aspx
CBS Consumer Behaviour 7,5 2 https://kursuskatalog.cbs.dk/2024-2025/BA-BHAAV6099U.aspx
WU International Business Strategy 6 3  
RSM Organisations & Social Movements 5 4 https://eur.sqill.it/reports/7ba833c8-45ae-4798-9ebc-0caa1f9b77d2
WU International Supply Chain Operations 6 1 See the attachment below
WU Marketing in Emerging Markets 6 3 See the attachment below
WU International Supply Chain Management 6 3 See the attachment below
WU Strategic Leadership 6 3 See the attachment below

ECOL courses can be transferred to Aalto degree as elective studies. After completing the course, students are advised to apply for credit transfer according to the Aalto University policy on credit transfer.

Application instructions

Application period is organized twice a year: in November for the courses offered in the spring term and in May for the courses offered in the autumn term. You will find the application form on the application portal during the application period.

Students can apply to up to ten courses in order of preference. The places will be allocated with first come first served bases. Each student can be selected to one ECOL course per term.

To be elible to participate, the student should have a good academic standing (GPA 3 or above).

The application period for the autumn 2024 courses will start on 6 May 2024 and end latest on 20 June 2024. The application period might end earlier if there are no more available places left). 

Applications are being processed throughout the application period. After submitting your application, you will hear within a week whether your application was approved or not.

Benefits of online learning and ECOL courses 

  • Sustainable way of getting international exposure
  • Flexibility, can login from anywhere
  • Learning how other countries approach specific topics
  • Exposure to new ideas from academics in other countries expands your own perspectives
  • Prepares you to new ways of working in the corporate world by learning to use diverse range of technologies
  • Enhances your creativity and gives you new innovative ideas

More information

If you have any questions regarding ECOL courses or the application, you can always contact [email protected].

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