Open science and research

League of European Research Universities (LERU)

League of European Research Universities roadmap (2018) suggests a culture change in the way stakeholders in the research, education and knowledge exchange communities create, store, share and deliver the outputs of their activity in order for universities to embrace open science principles, policies and practices.

LERU's publication 'Open Science and its role in universities: A roadmap for cultural change' (2018) discusses the eight pillars of open science identified by the European Commission:

  1. the future of scholarly publishing,

  2. FAIR data,

  3. the European Open Science Cloud,

  4. education and skills,

  5. rewards and incentives,

  6. next-generation metrics,

  7. research integrity, and

  8. citizen science

The publication analyses what the introduction of open science approaches means at university level in each of these eight themed areas and identifies possible benefits and challenges.

For each of the eight open science areas, recommendations about what universities can do are given. They imply a broader supportive environment and productive interactions with external stakeholders, too.

The paper also offers recommendations to open science transition at the institutional level and provides a set of questions which universities can use to measure their progress in implementing open science approaches.

Have a look at other international recommendations and policies on open science and open scholarship

UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science

UNESCO’s Recommendation on Open Science presents a very broad view of open science, adding open engagement of societal actors and open dialogue with other knowledge systems to the definition.

unesco open science

European Union Open Science Policy

Open science is a policy priority for the European Commission and the standard method of working under its research and innovation funding programmes as it improves the quality, efficiency and responsiveness of research.

Benefits of Open science

European Open Science Cloud

European Open Science Cloud is built to offer the infrastructure for European research and development activities.


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Culture of Open Scholarship

Culture of Open Scholarship refers to e.g. responsible researcher and research assessment, services needed for open science and research and citizen science.

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