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Keys to Your Wellbeing I: Dealing With Feelings

Feelings often have a message for us. Grief tells us that we have lost something important to us once and for all. Jealousy speaks to which direction we would like to go. Disappointment tells us that something hasn't happened in line with our expectations. Irritation tells us that some of our needs hasn't been realized. Through a self-compassionate approach, we can try to accept and explore these feelings.

Read the article below to set the ground. Then, try listening to your difficult feelings. You can try the self-compassion excercise underneath to do this. Also, see Nyyti ry's tips for regulation of feelings and attend VOICE training with your team. Read more below!

This is the first part of the Key to Your Wellbeing series. Look for more in December 2022.

Toxic Positivity - how does positivity become poisonous?

Encouraging, spurring advice? Good tips on how to ignore life's challenges and bad feelings to move towards success? Well, let's have a closer look.

Read the article!
Dealing with feelings: Toxic positivity

Excercise: Soften, soothe, allow!

Accepting and exploring our difficult feelings help us to identify our own needs. After identifying the needs, it is easier to correct our own activities or we can try to express our needs to others and then the likelihood of meeting needs increases. Facing and accepting negative feelings and working with them increases one's wellbeing in the long run. Take a good position and listen to this self-compassion excercise. Duration: 8 m 20 s.

The excercise is also in Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Dealing With Feelings Excercise

Dealing With Feelings excercise: Soften, soothe, allow (8'20) (external link)

Facing and accepting negative feelings and working with them increases one's wellbeing in the long run.

More things to consider


Processing feelings (external link)

Read here Nyyti ry's tips regarding the ability to perceive, express and regulate one's own emotions.

VOICE Training

VOICE training for Aalto personnel teams

Sometimes a negative feeling is a message that we need to speak up. Attend VOICE training for personnel with your team to learn how to speak up thoughtfully and productevily, and how to encourage your team members to do so too!

Wellbeing News

Kolme henkilöä Kauppakorkeakoululla
University Published:

Teaching and courses are developed based on student feedback

The AllWell? survey is used to figure out things that can be developed to improve the students’ ability to study
Keys to your wellbeing
Campus Published:

Keys To Your Wellbeing series is here

Keys To Your Wellbeing series by Oasis of Radical Wellbeing collects wellbeing materials (science-based articles, podcasts, videos, trainings and exercises) on monthly changing topics.
Meliora is a combination of first-person shooter and strategy game. Photo: SoihtuDTx.
Research & Art Published:

Researchers develop a digital therapy to alleviate the symptoms of depression

The research team is currently looking for participants. In the study, the participant plays the game Meliora remotely from their home, and they can also take part in a brain study or a game-experience interview.
Pink background with text "Ambassadors and AYY tackling harassment". OASIS logo in the left down corner. A photo of a woman writing on a whiteboard on the right side of the picture.
University Published:

AYY and Wellbeing Ambassadors cooperate to tackle harassment

Wellbeing Ambassadors from OASIS of Radical Wellbeing have been cooperating with The Aalto University Student Union (AYY) to prevent harassment and other inappropriate conduct within the Aalto community.

Wellbeing Events

Opiskelijoita talvisella kampuksella. Kuva_Mikko Raskinen.

Winter orientation 2023

Orientation lecture for new exchange students
Aalto University campus in Otaniemi
Conferences, Workshops

ARCH24 - The 6th International conference on Architecture, Research, Health and Care

The International ARCH24 Conference will be held at Aalto University, Espoo, in June 17th to 19th in 2024.
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