Working at the School of Business alongside studies is independent and flexible

Initiative is needed in order to be able to succeed in the work.
Susanna Purhonen ja Tiina Hahto olivat Kauppiksella työharjoittelussa

Tiina Hahto and Susanna Purhonen work alongside their studies at the School of Business. 

Many university students in Finland are working alongside their studies nowadays. According to a study of Statistics Finland, 55 per cent of university students in Finland work alongside their studies. Some of the students have their own start-up or company, some of them work part-time in the private sector. Aalto University School of Business also hires several students each year to work as summer interns or to other full and part-time positions in different departments.

Versatile job descriptions in various departments at the School of Business

Job descriptions of the students of the School of Business are diverse. Tiina Hahto and Susanna Purhonen work at the Aalto University School of Business alongside their studies.

Tiina Hahto is a second-year master degree student at the Master’s Programme in Information and Service Management and she works as a tutor coordinator at the Student Services of the School of Business. She is responsible for planning the orientation of the new bachelors, masters and exchange students. She also recruits tutors for new students. Tiina has previously been a summer trainee at the School of Business in 2016 when she was for example in charge of designing and implementing a new study guide for doctoral degree students.

'I took the job because it sounded interesting and I can work with many different people from different departments. I work on a weekly basis, for example, with KY, the School of Business’ student services as well with AYY ', tells Tiina.

Susanna Purhonen is studying in the Master’s Programme in Strategy and she has completed her bachelor's degree at the Mikkeli Campus in the Bachelor’s Programme in International Business. Susanna works at the School of Business’ international affairs and she is responsible for solving both incoming and outcoming exchange students’ study issues.'

'During my studies in Mikkeli, I worked also as a summer trainee in the program, where I planned quite independently new students’ orientation and solved issues related to the admissions. The summer intern experience at the Mikkeli campus was positive. I did my studies in Mikkeli in English and my foreign exchange in Hong Kong, so it felt natural to me to apply for a job in the main campus which is related  to international affairs ', tells Susanna.

Three part-time trainees in the BScBA Programme

Three part-time trainees are working in the Bachelor’s Programme in International Business at the School of Business Mikkeli Campus at the moment. Janina Paasila is responsible for the program’s admission issues and she updates the program's social media accounts. Nelli Auriola is responsible for acquiring guest speakers and arranging corporate visits and projects for the courses. Valtteri Väisänen is a marketing trainee and he is responsible for, among other things, the leadership of a student marketing team. Versatile work positions also got Nelli, Valtteri and Janina to apply for the positions.

Valtteri says that he is very impressed about the high quality of the program, the content of the studies, and the entire student community, which made him to apply to the position. "I want to help and do something for the program which is more concrete. The marketing trainee job seemed excellent for that. In addition, the idea of working at a prestigious university seemed attractive too', tells Valtteri.

Nelli was interested in a versatile job description and the possibility to work with different companies. 'I was interested in the position because it gives me the opportunity to do something new to me. My work is very diverse. I have a lot of cooperation with various organizations, companies and alumni and professors of the program when I am arranging company visits or asking guest speakers for the courses. The best thing has definitely been opportunity to work with many different people. In addition, my confidence to work in the business world has also increased during this work position. I appreciate the fact that I have been given a chance to see at an early stage of my studies what working in university looks like. This helps plan my own future career', says Nelli.

Set aside enough time to relax

Many students surely wonder if the life gets too busy or challenging if they work alongside their studies. There are many good things in working alongside studies and Janina thinks that working has been more useful than harmful for her.

'I applied for the job because it is independent and the job description of the study affairs secretary corresponds at least partly to my own study field. Although I work 15 hours per week, I do not think it is too much. It is very convenient when your office is in the same building as the classrooms and seminars. Sure, scheduling is important for your own wellbeing when you are working alongside your studies and you need to have enough time to relax. However, my time management and organizational skills have developed during this job. Working is also a good counterweight to studying and that is great, because I really enjoy doing my job.'

Motivation also plays an important role in combining work and studying, but Janina, Nelli and Valtteri say that they have got support from their supervisors and from various other staff members of the university and the School of Business.

'Working and studying are easy to combine, especially as often the lectures are in the same building. It is well understood here in the university that completing the degree is important too and that is why working times are quite flexible. As I work part-time, I am able to go to the lectures and I have also time for study assignments ', tells Susanna.

Working atmosphere and versatile work functions support skill development

Working at the School of Business is very initiative and it offers multiple opportunities but also responsibility. However, responsibility is perceived as a positive aspect because it teaches different skills for the future career.

'This kind of responsibility might not be possible in other workplaces at this stage of studies. The work is independent, I have learned among other things project management and my organizational and communication skills have developed. Even though my work is more related to HR, I believe that this work experience is beneficial in other work positions in the future regardless of the industry. In addition, the Aalto University and the School of Business are an internationally renowned university and school, which will certainly convince my future employers ', says Tiina.

If you are interested in combining studies and work or you want to work at Aalto University and the School of Business, follow open placements and jobs at

Janina Paasila, Nelli Auriola ja Valtteri Väisänen ovat BScBA-ohjelman opiskelijatyöntekijöitä
Janina Paasila, Nelli Auriola and Valtteri Väisänen are working as trainees alongside their studies at the BScBA Programme.
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