We will soon enter the new strategy period – learn more about the cross-cutting themes

Sustainable solutions, radical creativity, and entrepreneurial mindset are reflected in everything that we do.
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This academic year, from the beginning of next year, we will be stepping into a new strategic period. In the autumn you can acquaint yourself with the themes that cut across the strategy – sustainable development, radical creativity, and an entrepreneurial mindset.  The cross-cutting themes are ways of thinking and acting, and they guide everything that we do.  

In October–November, strategy implementation plans specific to the individual schools and units will be completed. They will be compiled into a website that’s are easy to browse and available to all. In the autumn, we will give more detailed information on all the themes and plans.  
In addition, you will get a chance to acquaint yourself with Aalto employees who are working to advance our shared goals while implementing our mission in the building of a sustainable future. 

Sustainable solutions   

The strategy gives sustainable development an even more prominent position both research,  education and in our own operations.   

  • The Designs for a Cooler Planet event, which opens in September, showcases inspiring visions for the future. Cooperation among designers, researchers, and stakeholders leads to better solutions for people and the environment.

This is what a more sustainable world looks like: Wood-based glitter, electric-powered boats and printed solar cells Designs for a Cooler Planet — Helsinki Design Week 2020

  • Download the AaltoSDG app on your phone and see the impact of what you do. The app shows how Aalto University research, art, education, and events can support international work for achieving the United Nations’ sustainable development goals at the local level. The app offers challenges to its users according to the themes of SDG.  The AaltoSDG app can be found in the App Store and Google Play.  

AaltoSDG mobile application

Radical creativity exists in all of us  

‘Creativity exists in all of us, whether our skills are in art, technology, or economics. Critical thinking, innovation, seeing connections, and solving problems are human skills that can be developed together’, says TuomasAuvinen, Dean of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University. 

  • How to find your radical creativity? Start with this article. More content linked with radical creativity will be published in the autumn in the Unfolded magazine.

Radical creativity helps you find new things

  • Who’s the person you would like to collaborate with? Increasing cooperation among fields of research is one of the development targets of our new strategy – and an integral part of creativity! Who would you like to collaborate with? Join the discussion through the end of August (you must be logged in with your Aalto ID): 

Hello researcher - Who are the experts you would like to collaborate with at Aalto during the upcoming academic year?

Entrepreneurial mindset 

Even if you are not an entrepreneur, you can still think, act, work, and study like an entrepreneur. At Aalto, everyone is encouraged to adopt an entrepreneurial way of thinking, which means seeking new possibilities and the courage to grasp problems that emerge. The first steps can be taken in an online course and by getting acquainted with our entrepreneurship community.  

  • On our Starting Up on-line course you can learn the first steps of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial way of thinking. Starting Up is the university's way to offer a broader public tools and basic information about start-up entrepreneurship. The course can be taken by anyone, so it also supports lifelong learning, which is also an important theme of our future strategy.  

Starting Up online course

  • Entrepreneurship and the start-up spirit can be seen everywhere in the Aalto community. You will get into the feeling of things by acquainting yourself with our entrepreneurship community and our events:

Entrepreneurship and startups

Our values: Cooperation, courage, and responsibility 

  • Our living strategy is at the centre of the opening of the academic year to be held on the first of September. Our shared values are reflected in the programme from several perspectives. You can take part in the virtual event via this link:

Aalto Day 1 event

Get to know our strategy: We are shaping a sustainable future  

Read digital brochure, watch animated video and get to know the whole of our strategy at 

Ioncell-materiaalia sinisessä kudotunomaisessa materiaalissa tai kankaassa

Digital brochure (external link)

Get to know our strategy by reading this digital brochure.

Shaping a sustainable future

Strategy video: Shaping a sustainable future (external link)

10 years ago, we embarked on a mission. The world is changing at a pace like never before. To tackle global grand challenges, universities are needed more than ever to help lead the way.


Our strategy

Aalto University's future is built upon a foundation of high-quality research, education, impact and shared values – responsibility, courage, and collaboration. The purpose of the university is to shape a sustainable future.

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