Vuoden Huiput: Platinum lifetime achievement award for Penni Osipow and recognition for students

Senior University Lecturer Penni Osipow was awarded a Platinum Peak award for her lifetime achievement. The works of students from the School of Arts, Design and Architecture were also recognised.
Silmälasipäinen, tummapaitainen nainen, jonka pään päällä ja olkapäillä on pieniä värikkäitä hahmoja

'If you were looking for a direction or a soul for this field right now, it would be exactly what Penni Osipow is: understanding in the broad context of visual design communication, art and culture, genuinely caring, approachable, responsible, appropriately nurturing the curiosity and playfulness of children and engaging with others. For Penni, responsibility is not a trend or a strategy, but a way of life', says the citation for the Platinum Peak Award.

As a designer specialising in publication design, Penni Osipow has experienced a revolution in the industry. Osipow is a senior lecturer at Aalto University.

The awards rewarding the best Finnish creative design in 2022, were handed out at a gala ceremony 20 April. The most significant creative design competition in Finland is organised by Grafia, an association of visual communication designers. The aim of the competition is to raise the level of design, foster creativity and originality and develop the professional skills of designers. The competition was held for the 43rd time.

Young talents were rewarded

Iiris Halme, a Master's student in Visual Communication Design, won the golden top prize in the Youngh Creatives series for her coursework:

Succeedings - Finns' experiences and thoughts on success (Onnistumisia – Suomalaisten kokemuksia ja ajatuksia onnistumisesta -julkaisu )

Sinivalkoinen julkaisu juhlistaa suomalaisten arjen onnistumisia

The blue and white publication celebrates the everyday successes of Finns. A celebration of successes that we easily forget in the midst of environmental goals. The publication includes a collection of interviews on everyday successes and definitions of success. The illustrated trophies highlight the importance of small acts, and the sense of joy and success. The vivid imprint of handmade work conveys a sense of humanity and the individuality of achievement. The aim of the publication is to inspire people to look at and appreciate their everyday achievements more graciously, and to recognise their own abilities. The publication is the final product of a project that focused on discovering new perspectives, reflection, hands-on work, and learning the riso-weighting technique.

'A controlled riso-printed editorial, combining artful trophy illustrations with funny everyday statements. The texts and dynamic illustrations create a charmingly contradictory combination, enriched by skilful wit', says the award citation.

Visual Communication Design students were also rewarded for their own extra-curricular projects. Master's students Iisa Pappi and Katri Astala won the silver prize in the Young Creatives series for their Baltic Circle project:

Baltic Circle quiz cards - Master's students Iisa Pappi and Katri Astala

Vaaleanpunaisella taustalla värikkäitä, pinkkisävytteisiä pelikorttirasioita pinossa

Baltic Circle is an international theatre festival with a different look every year. For the 2022 festival, the launch was decided to take the form of playing cards. The playing cards simultaneously communicate the festival, and give people a reason to spend time together without any particular goal in mind. The cards will also not expire when the festival ends. The picture cards feature birds, insects, plants, animals and bacteria, which are hoped to return to the marshes when they are restored. The numbered cards have two texts and a card dedicated to each of the festival's performances.

'Playing cards that invite you to linger and explore. Surprise comes from pausing at something simple - a deck of playing cards that encourages gathering and loitering is a perfect communication tool for the festival. The fine execution ensures that this printed product is not a one-off', says the jury.

In addition, Master's student Anni Laser Tolvanen was awarded twice for her work at the Ellun Kanat agency. Tolvanen was the lead designer, AD and motion director for the gold-winning Social Security Reform for Young People.

'This is the kind of design the world needs more of. Responsible and important work for a good cause. A model example of effective and inclusive information design. Recommended for application throughout public administrations', the jury concluded in its reasoning.

Tolvanen's design was also awarded the Special Award for Successful Inclusiveness. In the justification, the work was strongly praised as an act of inclusiveness and good information design.

For more information:

Professor of Visual Communication Design, Graphic Designer Arja Karhumaa tel. +358 40 570 7777, [email protected]

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