Towards better wellbeing and studying -course during spring 2023

Would you like to improve your student wellbeing in a meaningful way by utilizing peer support? The purpose of the course Towards better wellbeing and studying (3 credits) is to learn to identify factors related to wellbeing and studying, and to develop your ability to use various tools to support your wellbeing and enhance your studying. The course is targeted for Bachelor's and Master's level students, and Doctoral students are welcome to join, as well!
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This course, developed and implemented at Helsinki University, will be organised at Aalto in cooperation with SCI, Aalto study psychologists and instructors. The course materials are available in both Finnish and English, and you can choose whether to participate in a Finnish- or English-speaking small group. The language of the joint start meeting (on Zoom) is English. 
The course is based on researched methods of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and its central themes include e.g. practising self-compassion and relaxation as well as recognizing one's own patterns of thinking. The goal of the course is to support coping, well-being and succeeding in studies, and yet it is not a therapeutic group and is therefore not necessarily suitable for students currently experiencing very challenging life situations. The course is completed entirely online, as guided online work, and it progresses weekly. Each week includes online individual exercises and group meetings on a channel agreed by the group itself. Group work is a central part of the course. In the course, you practice giving and receiving encouraging feedback, as well as drawing up joint schedules and committing to them. 
Please note that participation in the course requires the submission of the preliminary assignment in the given schedule. The course is assessed on a pass/fail scale and its completion requires completing weekly assignments and participating in small group work in the given schedule. 
The course will be organized twice in the spring term 2023 (in periods 3 and 4). You can find the course in Sisu by searching for it under the name "Towards better wellbeing and studying" or with the course code CS-EV0004. Read the course schedule and other instructions carefully! Add the course to your HOPS in Sisu and register by January 1, 2023 (post-registration for the period 3 course until 10 a.m. on January 9, and for the period 4 course until 10 a.m. on February 27, 2023). When registering, choose one of the available groups according to your preferred language (Finnish/English) and level of your studies (Bachelor's or Master's and Doctoral students).
The teacher in charge of the course is Anni Rytkönen (anni.rytkonen(a), and Aalto study psychologists as well as guidance counselors are also involved in organizing the course. 

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