The field of Electronics-ICT offers diverse opportunities to solve future challenges

The Electronics-ICT field in Finland is constantly looking for new talent among Aalto’s students and graduates
ELEC students
Photo: Unto Rautio/Aalto University

Did you know that the field of electronics-ICT sector offers excellent employment rate as well as interesting opportunities to tackle global challenges?

The current 5G wireless systems, and especially future 6G systems, require lots of computational and connectivity hardware to enable future visions of these systems. The modern wireless hardware with its complex system on chip (SoC) solutions includes multiple processors, AI and machine learning hardware, custom ASIP accelerators and wireless connectivity solutions in multiple bands.

To build smart systems, the industry needs future employees who understand these underlying technologies from microelectronics, signal processing, communications, machine learning, and hardware programming.

Finnish industry is committed to solve these challenges and constantly seeking talented students from Aalto students and graduates. One of these companies in this field is Nokia, which hires hundreds of trainees and young professional throughout the whole year.

As a trusted partner for critical networks, Nokia is committed to innovation and technology leadership across mobile, fixed and cloud networks,’ says Pia Talonpoika, Head of Country HR Finland at Nokia.

Aalto student - Join the events to hear more about the possible career paths!

During the autumn, our students have several chances to learn more about future career paths in the Electronics-ICT industry:

  • Orientation Week 29.8.-2.9.2022
  • Aalto Talent Expo 10.11.2022
  • Work in ICT-Electronics – Nokia recruitment event  12 October 2022 at 11 - 14, Computer Science Building, Lobby (1st floor). Welcome!

About Nokia

Nokia, with its headquarters located in Espoo, Finland, operates in 120 countries. The strength of the Espoo campus is its long e2e experience and expertise on telecom. Nokia teams focus on mobile networks and cloud product development in general, on software business as well as on advanced radio and mobile networks research. Nokia Espoo campus is also known for its technical expertise from Research to Field Verification phases. Espoo site operates in active collaboration with Aalto University. In addition to Espoo, there are two other sites in Finland: Oulu and Tampere. Finland is a key location for research, development, and manufacturing.

More info:
Professor Jussi Ryynänen
[email protected]
Department of Electronics and Nanoengeering 
The School of Electrical Engineering

Two Aalto University students working on a laptop together / photo by Unto Rautio

Communications Engineering - Computer, Communication and Information Sciences, Master of Science (Technology)

Our world is digitally revolutionised, highlighting the increasing importance of internet technologies, wireless communication and communications ecosystems. The Master’s Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences – Communications Engineering covers both theoretical fundamentals and the hottest hands-on applications of communications technology, including topics like 5G, IoT, machine learning, and cybersecurity. The study option consists of a hard technological core surrounded by human-centred behavioural economics and sciences.

Study options
Aalto electronics-ICT anechoic chamber for 2-60 GHz and two near-field scanners

Electronics and Nanotechnology, Master of Science (Technology)

The Master’s Programme in Electronics and Nanotechnology offers the opportunity for students to go into the details of future-shaping and globally significant technologies. We are surrounded by wireless technologies everywhere through the rise of mobile devices, space technology is skyrocketing in the form of small satellites, and nanotechnology is enabling major breakthroughs in fields like solar energy harvesting. This programme focuses strongly on researching and building hardware for these technologies, paving the way for a fluent shift towards a career in the industry or an academic postgraduate path.

Study options
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Study at the School of Electrical Engineering

Electricity is everywhere, and our society would not function without it. As a student at the School of Electrical Engineering, you can find solutions to issues related to sustainable development and human well-being.

School of Electrical Engineering
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