The Aalto University Teacher’s Handbook is published!

The Aalto University Teacher's Handbook is an online guide for teaching in Aalto University. First sections are now published and they include information on Teaching practices, Digital platforms for teaching and learning, and Learning spaces for teaching in Aalto University.

In addition, For a new teacher section aims to guide a new teacher to find essential information on how to get started with their teaching. 
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Teacher's handbook is provided and maintained by Teacher services. Illustrations: Timo Ovaska.

This handbook aims to make information directed to teachers more accessible and easier to find. Teacher Services will continue to develop the content and more sections will follow! 

Teacher's handbook is provided and maintained by Learning Services, Teacher services team.

Give us feedback

Our mission is to provide teachers with accessible, current and accurate information. We continue to develop the Teacher’s Handbook based on received feedback, as an ongoing process. We need users' help in this!

Teacher: If you are interested in providing feedback and user insight on the content, we are happy to hear your thoughts. Please contact: [email protected], Teacher Services.

You can also give feedback by a link at the end of each page in the handbook.

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Teacher’s Handbook

This handbook contains practical information for a teacher on teaching at Aalto University.

The Aalto University Teacher's Handbook is provided and maintained by the Learning Services, Teacher Services team.

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