Students to co-create our public services as part of the 100 years of Finland’s independence

Perspectives and innovativeness are expected from students.
The public organisations need concepts and solutions to their real challenges.

In 2017, Finland turns 100 years. Aalto University is celebrating this landmark together with Accenture and selected public sector organisations by organising a multidisciplinary master’s level course, #pshack100. The Public Service Hackathon case organisations manifest our independence and continue to be landmarks in the Finnish society.

The exponential growth in the operating capacity of technology enables exponential growth in the quality of welfare services, but this hasn’t yet been exploited to its full potential. The participating organisations in the #pshack100 project are committed to transforming the public sector and creating ever better welfare for the citizens. All Aalto University students are encouraged to join the creative adventure of digitalisation and solve the digitalisation challenges in the public sector.

This is a unique opportunity to learn state of the art tools and methods that the worlds’ top service designers use in their everyday work. You can learn more about designing new digital concepts through various lectures and workshops. You can gain new perspectives to e.g. business concept design, process design, service design, presentation technique and pitching, change management, as well as project management. In addition, all teams are supported along the way by experienced coaches.

Join one of the cases and hack a service others haven’t thought of. This time you can be wild and bold! If you can dream it, it can be created!

The #pshack100 participating organizations

The various case organizations of the Public Service Hackathon represent some of the most vital industries in our society. At the same time, they will also be the cornerstones in the future of our country. We invite you to join these exciting organizations in innovating state of the art services to make the next 100 years of our independence even better.

Finnish Defence Forces
Finnish Defence Forces is responsible for defending our country and its key operations are taken care by The Army, The Navy, and The Air Force. Approximately 12,000 people work for the FDF in either military or civilian positions. In addition, over 20,000 people complete their military service every year. How can you help digitalise their services to the next level?

Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Interior and the agencies within its mandate target Finland to be the safest country in Europe - a country built on equal treatment and equal opportunity. Ministry of Interior has joined forces with its agencies - National Police Board and Finnish Border Guard in PSHACK100. As the prime responsible organisations for guaranteeing the public safety in Finland, the ministry, police and border guard want to get new fresh ideas for improving our public safety operations and bring them closer to the citizen.

Finnish Customs
Finnish Customs facilitates smooth trade of goods and ensures its correctness, collects taxes on goods efficiently, offers customer-oriented services, as well as protects the society, the environment, and the Finnish citizens. Do you have fresh ideas for digitalising our customs operations to enable smooth trade and protect our society?

Case Apotti
Apotti is an extensive change project of the social services and healthcare field in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The objective of the project is to build a shared system that enables developing the operations and increasing the quality of social services and healthcare. Do you want to leave your own footprint into this unique project that has an influence on yourself together with 1.6 million other residents?

Finnish Patent and Registration Office
Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) registers businesses, foundations, and associations, as well as examines and grants patents, utility models, trademarks, and design protection. As a key player in the Finnish innovation ecosystem, PRH advances technological and economic progress as well as corporate activities both in Finland and internationally. How would you make the starting of new businesses easier and thus help Finland stay competitive in the global rivalry?

Further information about the course from the website:

Registration for the course through Aalto University WebOodi using the course code 20E00200:

Further information:
Johanna Bragge
Aalto University
Senior University Lecturer, Department of Information and Service Economy
+358 40 530 1032
[email protected]

Rita Mustonen
Project Manager
+358 40 772 5715
[email protected]

Twitter: #pshack100

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