Student Anshuman Dwarakanath Prahlad sees numerous opportunities in today's space industry

Anshuman Dwarakanath Prahlad studies in SpaceMaster joint programme. He thinks that studying in two different universities has been a rewarding experience.
Anshum Dwarakanath Prahlad
Anshuman Dwarakanath Prahlad.

Space Science and Technology, also known as SpaceMaster, is a unique programme that combines the space expertise of five universities. The participating universities are Aalto University (Finland), Luleå University of Technology (Sweden), Cranfield University (United Kingdom), Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic) and Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier (France). Anshuman Dwarakanath Prahlad studied his first year in Luleå University of Technology in Kiruna and is now studying his second year in Aalto University. Anshuman wanted to apply to the programme as he has always been fascinated by space. 

He states that he has really enjoyed his time at Luleå and Aalto. He thinks that the best part of Aalto's student life is that there is always something to do, thanks to the vibrant student culture. However, getting used to the weather in both Finland and Sweden has taken some time as it is very different compared to the weather in India where he is from. 

‘Moving twice in two years has been a logistical challenge. Regardless, studying at two universities with notable differences in their approach to their programmes and coursework has been a rewarding experience so far. I completed all the space related courses of the programme in Kiruna and at Aalto University I've opted to take courses related to Robotics and Automation technologies,’ Anshuman tells. 

Anshuman has found the practicality of the course content refreshing. He thinks that the Space Instruments course has been the most interesting course. ‘I learned about typical instruments used in spacecrafts, such as magnetometers, and how they're designed and used in typical space missions,’ he says. 

Anshuman thinks that the space industry is offering a lot of possibilities in the future. Space is quickly becoming an enticing field for business. There are lots of aerospace startups being founded which deal with launch capabilities, satellite services and inter-planetary missions. There are definitely lots of opportunities now more than ever,’ he says. 

What would Anshuman say to someone considering the SpaceMaster programme?

'Choosing your university is always going to be a big decision. There are additional considerations with regard to Finland such as the long, dark winters and the generally reserved nature of the Finnish people. Academically, I would definitely suggest Aalto. The course work may get hectic at times but you will definitely learn. To sum it up, choosing Aalto would never be the wrong choice!' Anshuman says. 

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Click the links below to learn more about the Space Science and Technology (SpaceMaster) programme. At Aalto, you can also study space science and technology in the Master's Programme in Electronics and Nanotechnology.

SpaceMaster IV (2019-2025) is a continuation of the original Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programs launched in 2004.

Space Science and Technology, Master of Science (Technology)

SpaceMaster IV is a continuation of the original Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programmes launched in 2004 and implemented by a consortium of leading European universities in close collaboration with research and industrial organizations.

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