See your programme's Student Guide pages for 2024–2025, 2025–2026 degree requirements

Check the changes and start planning your studies of the coming academic year! The curriculum information is published for applicants and students for planning the studies and familiarizing with the programmes.

The curricula for the academic years 2024-2025 and 2025-2026 were prepared in programmes and at the departments and confirmed in the academic committees. The degree requirements for the academic years 2024-2025 and 2025-2026 are published in the Student guide in each programme’s pages. The course descriptions are published in Sisu. The Schools and programmes inform students of how the changes in curricula affect current students. 

Check the changes in your programme and new course descriptions

You can find the degree requirements for your program in the Student Guide. On the pages of your own program, you will also find instructions and advice on planning your studies and managing your study matters. Also remember Aalto University's student services

You can find the descriptions of the courses for the next curriculum period in Sisu: in your study plan, you can switch to the latest version of the course by clicking on the course code. See Sisu instructions, if needed. 

The staff of your program will advise and assist you in planning your studies according to your needs.

The approved curriculum should not be changed

Curricula are valid for a period of two academic years. They are not meant to be changed during the two-year period. Students have a right to assume that the information in a curriculum is reliable, that for example the courses are not cancelled and e.g. course assessment criteria or period are not changed during the time the curriculum is valid. This applies also to studies required towards the degree. 

As a rule, no changes may be made to a curriculum during the two-year period when it is valid. These include changes to the intended learning outcomes and degree requirements of the programmes and study modules, as well as changes to the course descriptions. At times, changes are however unavoidable and justified. Read here what kinds of changes are possible and how the matter is decided. 

Curriculum design at Aalto University

Aalto University’s curriculum design guidelines and schedule aims at supporting sustainable, future led degree programmes.

Please find the instructions and schedule for preparing the curriculum as well as contact persons of your unit in the main page Curriculum design at Aalto University
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News of curriculum design 2024-2026

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