School of Business student story: Rainer Kravets

Student of the BScBA Program, Rainer Kravets interviews sustainability managers from successful Nordic businesses in his podcast. Studying in English gave him the confidence to start the podcast: “Without developing my language and communication skills, I would not have been able to do it.”
The BScBA Porgram students Rainer Kravets and Julius Thimm by the lake in Mikkeli.
Rainer Kravets (left) with his classmate Julius Thimm.

My name is Rainer Kravets, 2nd year student in the International Business Program and I am from Estonia. Before coming to Aalto, I studied in an economics class in Tallinn Secondary School of Science. I think that my first international academic experience was in 10th grade when I participated in the finals of Junior Peak Time economics competition in Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. In the summer after graduating from high school and before starting studying in Mikkeli I had a chance to do an internship in LHV bank’s brokerage department. All these experiences encouraged me to study business.

How and why did you end up choosing our BScBA Program?

I decided to study abroad pretty much in the last minute, but I knew already before that I wanted to study business. What caught my eye was the fast-paced curriculum and the mandatory exchange semester that added even more international aspects to this program. Before making the final decision, I visited Mikkeli and I really liked the small city, especially its forests and running paths.

What has your study experience been like so far?

I have enjoyed my time in Mikkeli a lot. I believe that one of the most valuable aspects about this program is the diversity among professors. Every three weeks we get new perspectives from different parts of the world. Even with the online studies I have not felt that I have gained less knowledge. This shows that our professors do exceptionally good job.

"One of the most valuable aspects about the BScBA Program is the diversity among professors.

Rainer Kravets, BScBA student

What is your podcast about? What inspired you to start the podcast?

I started Nordic Sustainability Investigator podcast in spring 2020 after all our studies went online. I discovered corporate sustainability topics when I was working on a business case in a maritime case study competition last autumn and winter. Together with my classmate Juuso and two other students from other schools we came up with a solution for sustainable Port of Raahe. After that I wanted to learn more about this area of business, and the best way was to learn directly from people who work every day on these issues. 😊

In the podcast I interview sustainability managers from successful Nordic businesses. The goal is to learn what businesses are doing to become more sustainable and share the insights with others so that they can get inspired and make their businesses more sustainable.

How have your studies in Aalto University helped you with your podcast?

Studies at Aalto have definitely helped with the podcast. I would bring up Business Communications course, which taught how to write effective business emails. It is very important to get the right message across in order to get managers from companies like Oatly and Paulig on the podcast. Also, studying in English gave me the confidence to start a podcast in English. Without developing my language and communication skills, I would not have been able to do it.

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